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Android 2.1

The android 2.1 tablet is an awesome device for those who truly want their tablet PC to be one of the most hi-tech in town with the most amazing features in a truly advanced light weight tablet. The android 2.1 tablet operates on the Android 2.1 O S. and has the facility for you to download a large variety of paid and free software from the website of Android Market. Its advanced WIFI connectivity allows you to access the internet very easily from your tablet. The design of this android 2.1 tablet is very thin so you can easily carry this light weight tablet any where you go.
This is a very compact and multipurpose device that can cater to all your needs from a hi-tech tablet. You can play an array of interactive games on the android 2.1 tablet, and enjoy features like multimedia player, WI-FI, HDMI, Bluetooth, EBook reader, recording a video, or taking a picture, Trackball and above all also be able to make a call from it, thus making a call an surfing the internet would be so easy. The android 2.1 tablet comes with a 7 Touch Screen which is very sensitive to your touch and thus is very responsive.
The looks of this android 2.1 tablet with a super black glossy finish in the front and a matte black smooth back is a treat to the eye and its awesome navigational ease makes it a must have. You can enjoy your favorite songs from you tube through its unique android You Tube app that makes finding video content for your android 2.1 tablet very easy and fast. Working on its incredibly advanced software based keyboard is a beautiful experience. This keyboard being software based is more adaptive and smart.
It can sense every little tap or pinch that you make on its ultra sensitive touch screen thus supporting multiple gestures. The Google android 2.1 tablet is made very stylishly compact and lightweight, and this android 2.1 tablet is very easy to carry and is very mobile and can be comfortably used anywhere you please. You cannot just surf the internet on this advanced android 2.1 tablet but also use its large 4 GB memory to store your favorite apps, videos and songs in it. Its battery lasts about 5 hours so you can comfortably use the android 2.1 tablet at the outdoors. It is a great buy for those who love having advanced gadgets.

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