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Apple's iPhone 4 8GB Deals Receive First Discounts

The new iPhone 4 8GB edition from Apple offers a lower memory capacity for a smaller price tag than the two larger capacity 16GB and 32GB models but up until now has been priced very similarly to the deals for the 16GB refurbished handset.
Retailers have been able to offer significant discounts on the iPhone 4 16GB as a 'clearance' phone by inspecting, refurbishing and re-boxing their returned stock which has kept deals for the 16GB edition very close to those of a brand new 8GB version.
This has now changed as mobile phone suppliers secure cheaper prices for the new iPhone 4 8GB and pass the savings onto consumers via new discounted pay monthly contract deals, on release the new 8GB iPhone would have cost a minimum of £35 per month over a two year contract deal which was the same for the 16GB model.
Now, the brand new Apple iPhone 4 8GB can be ordered on T-Mobile with no upfront costs for as little as £30.64 line rental per month, that is a substantial saving of £104.64 over the minimum 24 month agreement.
Included in this T-Mobile tariff known as 'iPhone 30 + Unlimited Text' are 300 minutes of inclusive calls which can be used to call any network (including landlines) at any time of the day, an unlimited number of text messages which again can be sent to any network and a healthy 500MB of internet access which is essential for the iPhone 4 8GB to operate at full capacity.
The closest any other network gets to this free offer for the 8GB iPhone is from Orange which for a £31 per month line rental charge will allocate either 100 or 200 inclusive minutes on two separate tariffs, the first offers the fewer minutes but with unlimited SMS and substantial 1GB of inclusive data whilst the second only 250 text messages and 500MB of internet access.
The other three UK networks currently offering deals for the iPhone 4 8GB charge significantly more per month for a free phone, 3 Mobile ask for £35 per month, Vodafone require £36 and O2 are the most expensive at £37 line rental costs.
The 8GB edition of the iPhone 4 is to be the only model continued to be manufactured as the 16GB and 32GB versions are phased out in favour of the new iPhone 4S, this latest Apple release is already available in 16GB and 32GB variants but also a new, larger 64GB edition.
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