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Cheapest iPhone 4S Deals Not Always The Best Offer for Consumers

The new Apple iPhone 4S in both White and Black colour schemes has now received new pay monthly contract deals that are officially the cheapest available over a 24 month agreement, however as tempting as these iPhone 4S deals look they are not necessarily the best option for general consumers.
These new cheapest deals for the iPhone 4S 16GB cost just £20 per month line rental and are now available on the Orange network in the UK, for the line rental charge the consumer gets 50 inclusive minutes to use to make calls at any time of the day and to any mobile network (including landline calls), 50 text messages and 100MB of inclusive internet access.
The iPhone 4S also needs to be paid for with an upfront price of £309.99 which makes the overall cost of the 24 month contract £789.99, this is significantly cheaper than the cheapest deal for a free iPhone 4S which is currently £41 per month and will cost the consumer £984.00 for the minimum term contract period.
These may sound like amazing iPhone 4S deals with a total saving of £194.01 but this is a very deceiving figure, for those consumers that use their phone regularly the minimal amount of inclusive minutes, text and data could cause a real problem.
Once these allocated volumes have been reached and exceeded the customer is liable for any extra usage which can soon accumulate over the space of a month, just 50 minutes of calls equates to less than 2 minutes of conversation per day and for anyone that enjoys using their iPhone 4S for web browsing, emails, downloading content or general updating of running applications the small 100MB of inclusive data may not be enough.
The costs of calls outside the allocated volume is notoriously expensive with some networks charging up to 35p per minute, this is also true for data usage and one of the main culprits of using substantial amounts of data is by watching online video clips or movies, these are data hungry practices and can soon eat into and exceed smaller data allocations of the cheaper contract tariffs.
The advice is simple, whenever consumers look to buy a new mobile phone they should always try to match their current usage requirements as close as possible to minimise any extra charges for exceeding their tariff limits, this is one reason that a more expensive deal for the iPhone 4S is proving the most popular of all.
This is offered by the 3 Mobile network and costs £35 per month line rental, for this the consumer can enjoy a healthy 1GB of data usage, 500 inclusive minutes of calls and 5000 text messages every month with an upfront charge for the iPhone 4S of £49.00, although the overall cost of the 24 month contract equates to £889.00 this could far outweigh the charges for exceeding the limits of a cheaper tariff.
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