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Google Android Launches on 7 Inch Tablet PC

Rumors that Samsung S-pad tablet will run Google Android has gone (In fact, we'd take this with a grain of salt, since there wasn't anything official reported). However, it seems that it's should take a period of time before the so-called Samsung S-pad comes into the market. While Google has confirmed rumors that it will develop an Android-based tablet computer months ago, there is still no sign. However the Chinese manufactures are always full of courage and creativity that they develop the first Google Android tablet PC in the world. And then many android-based tablet PCs are born. Here goes the one.
This 7 inch tablet PC is among the first serials that has adopted Google Android operation system. Compare with those notebooks that have adopted Windows XP or Window 7, this tablet PC will save you trouble and money since Google Android is open source, which means this OS is almost totally free for user and the community will always be updating and programming for this platform. Then this will keep Google Android OS always up-to-date. This is not like that of Microsoft OS, pack too much, more than we desire and cost much, more than we can offer. Mini in size and light in weight, this tablet is really ultra-portable, the right one of so-called UMPC (ultra-mobile PC). Apart from the Google Android OS, this device boasts VIA MW8505 533MHz CPU, supporting WiFi 802.11 b/g. This processor will ensure a smooth operation. With Google Android OS, users can enjoy lots of applications provided by Google, like Google chrome, Google Maps, Google earth, Gmail, Google Talk and others including You Tube. And all these can be conveniently found and download freely in Android Market. You can get what you really need and get rid of the redundant. Be powerful and efficient, but do be simple! This is what "Google" implies!
In a word, adaptive and expandable, this 7 inch high-brightness touch screen pad is fully upgradable! It desires you consideration!
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