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iphone applications

IPhone application development now addresses different aspects of life such as education, health, book reading and business. Among the list of applications one of the most important sectors is the education. Some of the known iPhone applications for educational purpose are as follows.

An iPhone application called Math Skill K is developed to enhance the mathematical abilities of the kindergarten toddlers. The kids can easily learn counting numbers, comparing numbers, and identifying shapes. The contents of the application are in accordance with the kindergarten curriculum of most of the states in the USA. It is a fun to learn mathematics through this kind of application because of the utility of colorful shapes and animals. The application involves minimum utility of text. The design of the application is made to suit the little fingers of the kids. The application is so user friendly, interactive, and attractive that kids like to repeatedly play with this application. The kids tend to quickly grasp the basic mathematical concepts.

Building up Vocabulary: 
Brains Cape has launched an iPhone application for building up vocabulary. This application is called Advance Vocabulary Genius. This application helps the user to easily remember the meanings of the words and build vocabulary. There are around 1900 flash cards that display not only the meaning of the word but its roots too. The words are accompanied with sample sentences too. The use of suffixes, prefixes and roots is displayed in more than 300 words. This makes it easy to remember the meanings of those words. The flashcards can be customized. The user is facilitated with algorithm that is scientifically optimized. This is to enable the repetition of the flash cards in such a way that the brain remembers the maximum words. The functionalities like browse and search make it very easy to find the flash card of your choice. If you want to keep a track of the pages you have already referred you can resort to using the statistic, feedback and visualization tools.

IWritesWords is an iPhone application that addresses towards the enhancement of handwriting capabilities of the child. The child needs to help Mr. Crab at collecting the numbers and arranging them is sequence. The child just needs to drag Mr. Crab with the finger touch and at the same time draw the letters. A beautiful drawing is displayed once the letters are arranged in a specific format. The last step involves tilting of the iPhone. You will see a rotating hole appearing on the screen and the letters sliding into it. This paves the way to move forward to the next level. This application has 70 words each of uppercase letters and lowercase letters. There are 20 different levels of numbers. Whenever each word or letter is completed it is spoken. For uppercase letters there are 26 levels of tracing for individual letters. The number of levels is the same for lower case letters too. The words with the kids handwriting can be replayed.

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