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New iPhone 4 8GB Tempting Consumers to Buy Apple

Apple may be taking most of the recent mobile industry headlines with their recently released iPhone 4S but at the same time there has been an 8GB edition of the original iPhone 4 introduced to the market that has literally slipped underneath the radar.
The new addition to the iPhone 4 portfolio joins the 16GB and 32GB models with its new, smaller 8GB memory but aside from this difference it is exactly the same phone with all of the same great features and technology packed into the same iconic casing.
There are two main benefits for choosing the new iPhone 4 8GB edition over both the larger memory versions as well as the new iPhone 4S, the first is price, this new iPhone is significantly cheaper than any of the other available models and all that the consumer really loses out on is memory.
The second is that the expectation of the release of a new iPhone 5 which turned out to be the new iPhone 4S has many consumers a little disappointed, this is because the new 4S is offered in exactly the same casing as the entire iPhone 4 range.
This means that even the new iPhone 8GB looks exactly the same as the high specification 4S model and unless the phone is seen in action other would not know which model the user has.
These two plus points for the new 8GB edition iPhone are drawing many consumers to buying the new Apple iPhone 4 8GB as well as those currently using the older 3GS model to upgrade to the new format.
Sales of the iPhone 4 in all of its memory formats jumped significantly on the announcement of the new 4S partly down to the obvious hype surrounding Apple at the time but also due to the deals for these older fourth generation phones being heavily discounted by mobile phone retailers in order to make room for stocks of the new model.
It looks to be a very wise move by Apple to release this less expensive 8GB iPhone 4 at a time when money is tight for many families, the smaller memory will not worry those who do not store thousands of music tracks and apps and when the new iOS5 upgrade is released these users will be able to store remotely to the iCloud service which will free up extra memory.
Also, many consumers who have not considered buying Apple before because of the large price tag demanded for their products are now finding that the new iPhone 4 8GB is falling within their budget with a free phone offered for as little as £25 per month line rental.
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