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Skype has recently announced a competing app for iPhone's popular FaceTime software which allows users to video chat with their contacts. The FaceTime works only on Wi-Fi while Skypes latest addition will work on Wi-Fi as well as incorporate 3G functionalities. Skype will introduce several versions of this application for Windows, Android andiPhone. Skype will be releasing a separate version that is meant specifically for the iPad. The iPhone is definitely one of the leading Smartphones and the creator of the Smartphone revolution in the world. Apple's iPhone 4 was one of the biggest landmarks for Apple in the year 2010.

The iPhone 4 has several upgrades over the iPhone 3G and is definitely something that Apple fans would love to get their hands on. One of the biggest additions is the new operating system, iOS 4. This makes the phone much faster and enhances the functionalities. The design of the iPhone 4 is a dynamic shift from that of iPhone 3G. While the formers design was only tweaked from the previous models, the iPhone 4 has a much more unique design as compared to its predecessors. Due to the glass body of the iPhone 4 it becomes crucial to cell phone accessories such as cases and iPhone 4 holsters to protect their phone. Users can choose from a wide variety of iPhone 4 accessories to enhance and protect their phone.

The iPhone is renowned for its capabilities as a phone as well as a music device, which was the USP of Apple product. Users can use iPhone 4 Accessories like headphones and docks to enhance the music capabilities of the iPhone 4. Users seeking ideal cell phone accessories can check out the vast collection available online which provides genuine accessories for the phone. One of the best cell phone cover for the phone would be the iPhone 4 holster which enables users to hook the phone onto their waist to minimize the chances of dropping the phone and causing damage to it.

iPhone 4 accessories can easily be found online on several stores that sell original merchandise made specifically for the phone. Duplicate cell phone accessories are detrimental to the looks as well the functions of your phone and can end up causing severe damage. Leather iPhone 4 holsters are the most preferred forms of covers as they are made of a soft material and can absorb shock even if the phone is dropped. 
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