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sprint iphone

So Apple made us a hot and sexy product. We all want one, even one of the big three networks in America wants one. Introducing the Sprint iphone, the Apple iPhone Look alike created by Samsung.
Don't get me wrong, the name of this phone is not called Sprint iPhone by the manufacturer, its just that it is clearly their version of the popular Apple product that aficionados gave it the name. Most reviewers give the opinion that the design and feature set are poorly laid out. It was like the manufacture just piece things together as they go along. One reviewer said that he thought it was an April fool's joke, when he read the forum feedback. But when he saw the actual phone on Sprint website, he realized that the joke was real and not April fooled.
The complaints and feedback are varied, from the key spacing being small, the screen skirting is being pinched by the bezel, and the numbers don't show up when dialing, how will someone know if they are dialing the right or wrong number. There is a big pause button, difficult to say when this needs to be used. One thing I must say is that the Sprint iPhone is better than the Chinese knockoff which if you handle to rough might just fall apart in your hands.
Now here are the good things about this sprint product. It is Windows Mobile, much better looking than the blackjack. It cost less than Apple's phone, it has some very nice features including GPS, expandable MicroSD memory, voice dialing and more. It also has a nicer look than many other phones on the market.
One thing I must add, while this phone is being beaten up as poor design, I have to say that before Apple spoiled us, this design would be considered sleek. Apple has spoiled us all and as such we are now accustomed to a new form factor that is larger than life itself.
My take is simple, if you can afford the Apple's offering, then get it. It appears to now be the defacto standard in mobile smart phones. However, if price is prohibitive and you want to be in the league without the price tag, and then get the Sprint iPhone look alike. The price to feature ratio is reasonable.
And that's my final answer, cheers.
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