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Car racing games appeal to the adrenaline junkie in all of us. While many classic car race enthusiasts insist that car racing is fun only when you are playing on a big TV screen, countless gamers use their smartphones for gaming purposes. Consequently, the best games have smartphone versions. If you are an Android user who loves car games, you won't regret installing the following games on your mobile:
GT Racing: Motor Academy
This game simulates an entire racing world for you. You enter the game as a novice racer and eventually graduate to the level of a champion racer. The game is very addictive, and there are two things you can do to progress: either play all the games, cross all the levels, understand the gaming world; or you can simply pay some real money and buy your way to the top. People actually spend real money to level up in GT Racing; this says a lot about the popularity of the game.

Fast Five: The Movie
Based on a Hollywood movie, this game offers the best racing action you can imagine. If you like the movies, you will love this game. And in case you don't like your racing interrupted by scenes from the movies, you can skip them and get straight into the heart of the action. You get access to the latest cars, and as you progress through the game, you will face exploding tracks and changing environments! Thankfully, you can rewind the game to avoid nasty corners and aggressive competitors.

Asphalt 6
This game proves that Android games programming has come of age. By fusing together the best elements of different racing games, Asphalt 6 is a car race enthusiast's paradise. It's vibrant graphics simulate a real life experience, and the availability of licensed cars (which can be won only by defeating tough competitors) adds greater value to the game.

Need for Speed Shift
NFS, the classic car racing game, is arguably the best racing game for any platform. NFS has been a part of the gaming world for decades, and its Android version does a tolerably good job of recreating the trademark NFS experience on Android OS. Using all the tricks of Android games development, this car race classic brings the excitement car racing to Android OS.

Drift Mania Championship
Android games development programmers worked with professionals from a drifting association to make this game come alive. No other game simulates drifting as well as Drift Mania Championship. While drifting is a little different from conventional car racing, this game makes it to the list of best car race games for Android OS on the strength of its addicting game play and striking graphics.
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