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Without question, Apple is a technology icon, which is very well known for their cutting edge products that always amaze the consumer. Their first product was the Macintosh computer, which was so ground-breaking because it allowed almost anybody to start using a computer for the first time shortly after they acquired it. One of their most recent creations was the iPhone that quickly become a huge seller all over the world.
The iPhone become such a desired product because it enabled the consumer to do so many more sophisticated functions on it, when compared to a normal cell phone. Some of these were checking your email, suffering the web, or making use of the many applications that have been specially built for it.

When it was first introduced, there were other smart phones on the market, but they did not allow the end user to complete nearly as many tasks as the iPhone did. Because of this, along with Apples marketing and reputation, the iPhone was able to take a huge share of the market away from the previous industry leaders like Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung.
In fact, the iPhone has hurt Nokia so bad in this segment of the market, that the company has lost billions of dollars because of it. Nokia is still the largest seller of cell phones in the world today, but the majority of the phones that they sell are at the lower end of the market where the margins are quite small.
Each and every company that competes in this industry knows that the only way to be successful is to grad a large share of the smart phone market. This industry is growing so fast that companies like Google are now entering it with their Android operating system that they are giving away for free to smart phone manufactures. This search engine is doing this with the hope that the people who buy a smart phone with it on it, will use their search engine, as opposed to a competitors.
Nokia's sales were hurt so bad by the iPhone that they have stopped producing smart phones that used their operating system, and have instead switched to one that they are obtaining from Microsoft. It is too early to tell if their change is going to be able to help their sales or not. But, it is easy to see that they are desperate and are willing to try anything that they can to do in attempt to compete with the iPhone.
Another reason that the iPhone is so popular, is that there are so many Apple accessories that are very easy to obtain for it. Some of these include cheap iPhone 4 Cases, battery chargers, headphones, and pretty much any and every thing that you could possibly imagine.
The iPhone is certainly the industry leader in the smart phone market at this time. However, that does not mean that the competition has just rolled over and quit. Only time will tell if Apple will be able to maintain their huge market share in the future.
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