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The word addiction simply means the thing you can't live without. It can be a hobby, eatable, game or anything that makes you die if you don't do it. It's something like drug addiction that he who does drugs does it daily! No matter from where he has to manage drugs from he does it because he can't live without it.
Before we start discussing which of the two phones, BlackBerry or iPhone is more addicted first we shall have an overview of both of these phones.
Looking at the bright side, for years BlackBerry has proved to be one of the successful smart phones of the world. The phone's users are majority business men who prefer to keep a BlackBerry because BlackBerry is an elegant elite class phone and this adds a lot of worth to their personality and business as well. There are so many models of BlackBerry available these days from which the latest are BlackBerry Storm and Black Berry storm 2. Both of these models have made a massive sale of 50 million to 20 million customers as a whole. This means that there are a lot of berries and a lot of people around e-mailing and having fun with them.
The dark side of the BlackBerry also known as Berry in simple is that it is quite complicated. Though it has earned the fame of smart phone and has proved to be one of the best smart phone but still it is difficult to use for a beginner specially children and students.

iPhone is a new generation touch screen simple smart phone that has caught the eyes of millions of people around the world in as low as 3 years of time. This phone is designed by Apple, a world's leading company in the era of technology. The main idea behind the phone was to saturate a touch iPod into a mobile phone and Apple seems to have done it very well so far. With only three basic models in the world iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 4G this smart phone has broken all the previous sales records.
The advantage of iPhone over BlackBerry is that iPhone is touch enabled and is quite easy to use as compared to a BlackBerry. Even a child and a college student can use this awesome phone anywhere and at any time.
Now after a quick review of both of these phones, you can yourself decide that which of these two phones is the most dangerous to cause you addiction. Obviously it's the iPhone because the phone is so simple and has almost everything in it that no one can ever resist it even your small child want to have one. The most enchanting thing in this device is its big touch screen that gives the real pleasure of the phone. I've seen users of iPhone so addicted to it that one day my friend was playing game on it and her girlfriend called him. But he refused to listen to her because he was having more fun with his iPhone! Another story of addiction is that whenever my mom call me for dinner I say "Mom I'm not feeling hungry because I've to finish this game on my new iPhone!". iPhone accessories along with iPhone itself is very popular among the iPhone addicts.
The degree of addiction that can be caused to you by iPhone is so dangerous that it changes your whole life. Like everything has some advantages and some disadvantages, iPhone also has the same case. The phone will help you a lot if you use it in a proper way but it can also affect your life if not used properly.

  • Add more style to your personality
  • Everybody want to be with you because your iPhone adds to all of your respect
  • You can easily attract many people of opposite sex
  • If you give your iPhone to a girl to give her number there isn't any chance that she refuses it
  • It helps you in your daily life in certain different ways
  • You become so addicted to the phone that you use it everywhere even while eating and in restroom
  • Your parents and wife scolds you because you always remain busy with the phone
  • It may also affect your health because it reduces your outdoor activities to a minimum level
  • Studies of students may get affected if they become addicted to the phone.
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