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buy iphone 4

Buy iPhone 4G Latest Generation, because it has everything you can desire in a cellular device. It is a pre-eminent gadget that nobody has ever seen before. When you hold this phone in your hand, you feel that the world is on your finger tips. It is not only the best communication apparatus but relatively its like a tiny laptop. If you lead a busy lifestyle, you may even think of bidding goodbye to your cumbersome laptop. Yes! Its that hitech and user friendly. It is also like a full fledged portable music room. You can listen to heaps of music tracks with your new phone. This most recent iteration indisputably rocks!

When iPhone 4G vs 3G comparison is made, the former scores over the latter. There are countless reasons to buy this latest generation model But Let me put down 10 best reasons why you should proudly own this apple gadget. 
  1. Sleek Design: The latest Generation is 25% lighter in weight and thinner than earlier model. It's ergonomically designed better, and gives a great tactile feel too. Females, particularly will be happier to carry this phone.
  2. Longer Battery Life: Apple at last fulfilled its promise. The latest generation has the longest battery life. It has an extra battery that adds 30% more time to the unit.
  3. Front Side Camera: Surely, the front end camera isn't only superior for video calling. A veer of applications are currently being developed to build good use of this new quality feature.
  4. Improvement in camera: iPhone 4 has the best camera ever. It has now a 5MP camera with higher resolution. Better zooming feature has been integrated.
  5. Best Resolution Screen: The latest unit has a 960 x 540 resolution which was an implausible dimension for portable devices. High dimension videos on it would appear as good as content shot on hitech video cameras.
  6. Best Wifi connection: It also features better wifi technology. This unit supports 802.11n technology.
  7. Multiple Tasking: Multi tasking has been seriously overhauled, e.g., when users type something, they may desire their favourite music to be played in the background. It is loaded with such multiple process execution specifications.
  8. Face Time Call: Users can now view their caller's face and surrounding on their phone screen, something similar to 007 movies. It has resolved this with the introduction of a revolutionary face time calling technology.
  9. Apple iPhone 4g Price: If you compare the storage capacity, It is logically much cheaper than earlier version.
  10. Best Internet Surfing: This is a dream come true for the buyers. You can now surf just like surfing on a laptop or a desktop machine, with equal ease.
As a tech reviewer for years, I can tell you this gadget is indeed way ahead of its time and is a must buy. But if you are wondering, Where To Buy iPhone 4 from, then its readily available at online stores where you can review the Best iPhone Freeship, Wholesale Deals waiting just for you.
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