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new iphone 2011

This year Apple is all set to launch the most awaited device iPhone 5 and iPhone 4GS. Already, this latest upcoming gadget has become the hottest topic with its increasing popularity day by day in the technology world.
The release date of both - iPhone 5 and iPhone 4GS is somewhere expected near September or October of 2011. This next generation release of iPhone by Apple is definitely going to affect the iPhone Application Development market.
New iPhone 5 will be equipped with 1.2 GHz dual core processor, 8 Megapixel dual-LED Camera and much improved battery life. It will also feature video chatting on 3G and 4G not limiting to only Wi-Fi, face recognition and great downloading of applications.

It is expected that it will be loaded with all new attractive features. Some of the most assumed features to be introduced in iPhone 5G, looking at the features of already launched iOS 5 are:
  • Improved Voice Control: It is expected that Apple Company will come up with the voice controls for its latest gadget iPhone 5 with certain improvements. If this goes well then certainly we will be able to compose e-mail and message by just using voice.
  • Removable Battery: In previous models there was a lack of this feature which is expected to be available in iPhone 5 for more simplified design.
  • Supporting Flash: It is expected that it will support flash which will definitely help to increase the value of the iPhone.
  • Better Camera: It is almost assured that iPhone 5 will be inbuilt with 8MP Sony Camera for excellent results of photography. If this is true then there will be no need to carry cyber-shot camera separately with your new iPhone.
  • Gigantic Memory: It will be carrying 64GB of memory by which users will be able to store more elements.
  • Near Field Communication Enabled Device: It is expected that this device will be enabled with NFC Technology on which Apple is working. This technology is a substitute of bar code reading technology which would allow iPhone users to make payments through their iPhone.
Along with these promising features, iPhone will look more stylish with its sleek body, better display of 4 inch screen and shiny look.
Many other features like biometric security, improved 3D graphics, 4G network support and others are believed to be present in the new upcoming version of iPhone. Apple is claiming that this all new iPhone with extra ordinary features will be priced reasonably.
People all over the world are eagerly waiting for its release of this iPhone version to know more about its latest features and other important aspects. It is also expected that iPhone app developers market will expand considerably. Release of iPhone 5 will certainly dominate the mobile application development market which will raise the demand of iPhone app development.
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new iphone software

iPhone software downloads are sure to be in great demand in the coming months. Apple's iPod has been a supreme success story over the last decade or so. Now, the latest generation of Apple technology lets you combine your cell phone with your entertainment. In this article you'll find out the story behind software downloads for your Iphone, and how to get them for free.
Apple have introduced a policy towards third party companies of only letting them produce peripheral devices, and not software directly for the iPhone. The software inherent in the iPhone has already been hacked, and pirate firms on the web are selling programs which allow the user to override the integrated software, and connect to networks other than the ones which Apple has programmed the machine to work with. Apple, of course, desperately don't want this to happen, and they have stated quite explicitly that if any of the hacked software is used, the guarantee will no longer be valid.

It is quite possible that Apple will soon bring out an updated version of their software, to try and invalidate the software that the hackers have developed. It isn't certain at this stage whether or not the software is fatally affected by this, but you can be sure it one of the priorities, given Apple's openly aggressive stance, and the potentially massive profits that will be made from this in the coming months. One of the other reasons given for the new update is that it will allow the iTunes music store to be reached via Wi-Fi. You can get this feature as part of the iPhone software downloads.
If you are on the look out for genuine Apple software that can be used within the guidelines laid down by Apple, then it will be heartening to learn that Apple has promised to continually improve the standard of the iPhone software, and also that all future updates will be free. The hackers will no doubt be watching, and ready to counter with their own new solution. It will doubtless turn into a kind of chess game between the hackers, and Apple's own software developers, with each desperately trying to counter the moves of the other as quickly as possible. Time will tell us how clever the software developers at Apple will become. Keep your eye on the latest iPhone software downloads.
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CM nightlies start the year with a new widget - 'Chronus'

If you're running CyanogenMod nightlies on your Android device, you'll notice a little something new in this evening's builds. Aptly named Chronus, it's a widget that's a conglomeration of the clock, weather. and calendar, and it's fully customizable. The idea of more information in one widget isn't anything new, but this one looks like it is very well done. Hopefully the clock typography is one of the custom settings.
It will sit happily on either your home screen or lock screen, and display differently based on the size. On your phone, the lock screen widget is like the standard Android clock widget, meaning that you'll need to swipe down to see it all, but on the home screen you can set the size as you would expect. Tablets display the full size lock screen as they do with the standard Android clock.
This is why open-source wins. Google releases a bare-bones version with all the necessary information for folks to take it and create something great from it. For now, you'll need to run a CM nightly to have this one, but we expect someone to pull it out and publish on Google Play for all devices if possible. Be sure to grab tonight's build for your device and check it out.
link: http://www.androidcentral.com/cm-nightlies-start-year-new-widget-chronus


HTC One VX unboxing and video walkthrough

Behold, the HTC One VX on AT&T. More than a One V, less than a One X, and dancing right around the noble One S without giving it as much as a mention in its already convoluted name. We've gone hands-on with the One VX a couple times since it was announced in early October, and it's now available for purchase, having missed its original launch date by a few weeks.

More: Full HTC One VX specs

So what, exactly, is the One VX? In a single sentence, it borrows bits and pieces from the entire HTC One line for a mid-range smartphone that as of now is exclusive to AT&T.
Physically speaking, it's a tad smaller than the One X, but less of a curvy box and more of a sleek and sexy One S. The back is done in the same white polycarbonate shell as AT&T's original One X. (Remember that the One X+ moved to a soft-touch coating.) And the One S is more svelte than the One VX, about 2 mm slimmer, with different curves, and it's a tad shorter and narrower, too. The One VX its between the One S and One X in screen size, too, at 4.5 inches. And while it only has a 540x960 qHD resolution, the move to Super LCD 2 from AMOLED makes a noticeable difference.
Read full here... http://www.androidcentral.com/htc-one-vx-unboxing-and-video-walkthrough

Droid DNA

First images surface of Verizon employee exclusive Droid DNA

Android Central
It's kind of teasing posting up photos of a device most people can't buy, but when it looks like this it's definitely worth a mention. What we see here is the first shots of the Verizon employee exclusive Droid DNA, obtained by the guys over at Droid-Life. It's a regular old DNA at heart, but instead of the black back on the regular one, Verizon staff get theirs in a pretty impressive shade of red. And, since Verizon devices aren't short on logos, this DNA is absolutely no exception. In addition to the usual stuff, it also comes stamped as a “Verizon Employee Limited Edition.” It's not likely to hit everyone's tastes, but it sure stands out in a crowd. 
Source: Droid-Life
link: http://www.androidcentral.com/first-images-surface-verizon-employee-exclusive-droid-dna
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