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When one thinks of online search, they think of Google. The search engine giant has an unrivaled reputation in the search field and has become synonymous with any online search for information. It seems strange therefore, that Google has become the latest recipient of some search based criticism. How can this be?

Google still reigns supreme in the world of search, however, recent complaints regarding it's Android technology have raised some uncomfortable questions. In particular, the search function within the Market app on Android smartphones has caused quite a stir amongst users.
Apart from the potential reputation damage such flaws could inflict upon Google Android, it has also left the door open for other service providers to capitalise on the proposed insufficient functionality of the Market search feature.
Despite Google making rapid improvements to address the issues, other online companies have already established themselves as a viable alternative to the complacent Android Market, namely Chomp and Amazon.
However, the offerings from such alternatives are not without fault; when searching for "running" apps for Android via the Chomp app search feature, the Traffic Rush game is the primary suggestion.
According to a Guardian report, the main difference between the original Android Market search and that of Chomp is the segmentation of the search process. The latter asks users what kind of apps they are looking for from the off set. But so does Google. If you were to access the Market feature you will be presented with a variety of categories from which to refine your search; such application of standard conversion rate optimisation techniques is not a Chomp innovation.
In the case of Amazon, the Guardian reporter also hails their inclusion of user recommendations as the key to their success over the Android model. Again, if one was to enter the Google Market, one would see that under each app is a section for reviews and recommendations. Again, nothing new or improved here.
So, any raised eyebrows over possible snags in Googles search dominance have been short-lived and largely toothless (or should that be hairless).
The criticism followed recent concern surrounding the open platform of the Android software, and the ability for any developers to publish apps for little cost to the Android Market, resulting in a swarm of malware infiltrating the Market-place. While Android continues on its road to smartphone dominance, it remains that iPhone is winning the apps race.
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