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T-Mobile Galaxy Tab 7 plus

Ice Cream Sandwich coming to T-Mobile Galaxy Tab 7 plus, but only via Kies

Galaxy Tab 7 plus
T-Mobile support has let everyone know that an optional Android 4.0.5 update for the Galaxy Tab 7-plusshould be ready and waiting in Samsung Kies tomorrow. Before we go any further, we know it says 4.0.5 -- that could be a typo or it could be a specially-built version from Samsung for the Tab 7-plus. I've reached out, and will let everyone know when I hear back.
What we do know is that it's Ice Cream Sandwich, which T-Mobile and Samsung feel is a drastic enough change in the user experience to make it an optional install versus pushing it out to everyone. We hate Kies as much as you all do, but we like choice so we won't ding them too much this time.
Anyhoo, you'll be updating to Android version 4.0.5 / Software version T869UVLG7, which will be required to access Music Hub after August 27, 2012. You'll need to have the latest version of Kies, and at least a 50-percent charge, See the full details at the source link.
Source: T-Mobile

new iphone software

iPhone software downloads are sure to be in great demand in the coming months. Apple's iPod has been a supreme success story over the last decade or so. Now, the latest generation of Apple technology lets you combine your cell phone with your entertainment. In this article you'll find out the story behind software downloads for your Iphone, and how to get them for free.
Apple have introduced a policy towards third party companies of only letting them produce peripheral devices, and not software directly for the iPhone. The software inherent in the iPhone has already been hacked, and pirate firms on the web are selling programs which allow the user to override the integrated software, and connect to networks other than the ones which Apple has programmed the machine to work with. Apple, of course, desperately don't want this to happen, and they have stated quite explicitly that if any of the hacked software is used, the guarantee will no longer be valid.

It is quite possible that Apple will soon bring out an updated version of their software, to try and invalidate the software that the hackers have developed. It isn't certain at this stage whether or not the software is fatally affected by this, but you can be sure it one of the priorities, given Apple's openly aggressive stance, and the potentially massive profits that will be made from this in the coming months. One of the other reasons given for the new update is that it will allow the iTunes music store to be reached via Wi-Fi. You can get this feature as part of the iPhone software downloads.
If you are on the look out for genuine Apple software that can be used within the guidelines laid down by Apple, then it will be heartening to learn that Apple has promised to continually improve the standard of the iPhone software, and also that all future updates will be free. The hackers will no doubt be watching, and ready to counter with their own new solution. It will doubtless turn into a kind of chess game between the hackers, and Apple's own software developers, with each desperately trying to counter the moves of the other as quickly as possible. Time will tell us how clever the software developers at Apple will become. Keep your eye on the latest iPhone software downloads.
Check out the links below to see the top Iphone software download sites

google android

Android is a software stack created for and used by mobile devices. The software stack includes the operating system, key applications and middle-ware. In 2005 it was purchased by Google Inc., which consulted on and aided in its development and release. It maintains its status as one of the world's best-selling Smartphone platforms, as a major alternative to the iPhone. The Android SDK is the component that provides the libraries and tools that are necessary for development of applications that run on devices powered by Android

There are Google Android APIs and add-ons to extend the capabilities of Android SDK that will give the applications within your smart phone access to Google libraries. They allow you to use existing libraries such as Maps and other applications. Maps external library gives you the additional powerful mapping capabilities to your existing Android system.
Google has a whole line of applications that are now available for phones running the Android application. Some of the best and most convenient applications are now available and convenient for use. Quick search box is an application that allows you to search Google and your phone's apps and contacts. It can be activated either through voice prompts or through manual typing. The Gmail Google application allows the user to get their email instantaneously by using the push capability. You can also do a quick search at anytime for any email that you have saved on your account.
Other useful applications available for the Android through Google is Latitude which allows you to see the location of your friends on the map feature. Goggles is a cool application that allows the user to use pictures to search the web. Being an overall operating system, the Android also has the useful applications of Google maps, which allows the user to search for local businesses, drive with directions and get navigational directions so that you are never lost. Everyone's favorite You Tube is also available to keep you entertained with videos to upload to DVD's. Google Voice allows you to listen to your voicemail, call internationally for substantially lower rates than other venues and send free SMS to your contacts. One feature that is only available through the Android system is Buzz, which allows you to see what's going on around you and tags the posts according to your location.
Applications that are common to other smart phones are also available through Google Android. One is Google talk, which allows you to instantly message friends and family. Google Calendar is a calendar which gives you the capability to synch directly with your computer. Google Contacts is another and also synchronizes with your computer. Google finance gives you real-time quotes and news. Google Earth will allow you to explore the world from the convenience of your smart phone. Google Blogger allows you to publish and upload blog posts all from your phone and Google translate which allows you to translate text in more than 50 languages and speech in 15 languages.
Google Android is making your smart phone so much more than just a phone. This system is allowing you to do things on your phone that were once only possible on a computer. It is making the phone indispensable and giving some really amazing capabilities.
Fred Lotgering is a professional Internet Marketing consultant working from multiple locations around the world. He is dedicated to help to grow small and medium sized businesses by offering a variaty of Internet Marketing tools! He is the owner of LotCon. ("LotCon" comes from Lotgering Consultancy). LotCon is registered in the Netherlands, soon also in Brazil). For more products suitable for "YOUR" business please go to: LotCon Biz Solutions Blog

CyanogenMod 9 stable

CyanogenMod 9 stable released, dev focus now on CM10

Android Central
Following yesterday's premature release on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the stable version ofCyanogenMod 9 is now officially official. That means you can go download the Android 4.0-based custom ROM for supporting devices, without having to worry about stability issues with nightlies, beta builds or release candidates -- this is the fully final, fully-supported version of CM9.
In a post on the official CyanogenMod 9, the team said that excluding major bug fixes, the CM9 stable release marks the end of their ICS development efforts. From now on they'll focus on the Jelly Bean-based CyanogenMod 10, in addition to maintaining CM7 for older devices. In addition, the focus of nightly builds will now switch to CM10.
The team says today's stable release should be available for most supported devices, with "stragglers" catching up over the next few days. At the time of writing, builds are still in the process of baking, and so only a dozen or so are available right now.
To check if CM9 stable is available for your phone, check the get.cm link below. Now, bring on CM10 andJelly Bean!
Source: CyanogenMod; Download: get.cm

NoiseHush NX26 Stereo headset

NoiseHush NX26 Stereo headset review

NoiseHush NX26 Stereo Headset

Sometimes you want to relax and pump up the tunes and still be able to take a phone call on your Galaxy S3 or other Android phone.

NoiseHush makes all kinds of headsets, car kits, Bluetooth accessories and more. The NX26 is a full size over-the-ear stereo headphone that also fields your phone calls and lets you control your music like many smaller headsets.
Right off the bat I will say that the NoiseHush NX26 HD is a contradiction; it is a full sized stereo headphone (think Beats, Grado or Sennheiser) that is made to work with your phone –Samsung Galaxy S III (S3,) HTC One XiPhone – whatever – which plays compressed, non-high fidelity music.
Back in the old days, full sized headphones were affectionately called “cans” and the good ones came from premium audio manufacturers. You plugged in the full sized headphone jack to your receiver (which had tubes and came from companies like Marrantz) and you listened to your vinyl records.  The audio quality was amazing and your headphones literally enveloped you in sound.
Today, most of use earbuds or in-ear earphones/headsets that provide a very different listening experience. Sometimes we can get high quality streaming music – but mostly we listen to compressed audio that loses some of that true high fidelity. 
All that being said, I was very excited to try a full sized headphone with a microphone to use with myGalaxy S3.
NoiseHush NX26

What’s in the box

The NoiseHush NX26 comes in a nice box with just the headphones and a brief instructional manual.


The NoiseHush NX26 are an over-the-ear set of headphones. They have an adjustable top headband to get a good fit on your head. They also are designed with soft ear cushions that sit on your ears and swivel in the brackets to give the perfect fit.
The sound comes from Neodymium magnetic drivers which, obviously, are much more substantial than the little drivers found in most earphones.
Attached to the left ear-cup is the cord – a non tangling but think wire with an acoustically tuned, noise cancelling microphone with a Function button to take calls, initiate voice dialing and control music.
function button


The NoiseHush NX26  is both  headset for taking and receiving calls and a stereo headphone for listening to music.
The microphone in located on the left hand cable – just a bit under the mouth of most users. In the center of the housing that contains the Function button:
  • Push the button once to pause the music
  • Push once more to play the music
  • Push twice to advance to the next song in the Playlist or Album
  • Push and hold to activate voice dialing on the phone
  • Push to take a call and again to end the call.


As I mentioned, the NoiseHush NX26 are a full sized over-the-ear pair of headphones.  If you have never worn full sized headphones before, it takes some getting used to.
style and confort of NX26
There is definitely some pressure on the outer ear with these headphones.  The adjustable headband was good to try to get a comfortable fit, ,but these are a pretty “tight” fitting headphone with more pressure on my outer ear than others I have tried.
The ear cups themselves are very soft and comfortable and the headband has a good amount of padding as well.

Call quality

The microphone for the NoiseHush NX26 is right next to the Function button – hanging down from the cord.  Call quality was fine on my end – it was actually quite loud coming through these headphones.  Callers on the other end said they could hear my voice clearly, but it sounded a bit muddied as opposed to when I spoke straight into the phone.

Music quality

 I have had some nice full sized headphones over the years. My Sennheiser’s, Audio Technica’s, Grado’s and Klipsch headphones all have a very different sound signature and all have excellent sound quality. I was hoping that, while not quite as expensive, these NoiseHush NX26’s could be put in the same category – but they can’t.
With most full sized headphones, the bass is crisp and punchy and the mids and highs really make you feel like you are enveloped in music. Unfortunately, that was not the experience with the NoiseHush NX26’s.
That is not to say that the sound was bad, it just wasn’t great. The bass is strong, but not as strong as I would expect from a headphone with large drivers like this. Where the sound really fell apart was in the high end. Cymbals were just not crisp, high notes on the guitar or piano were not as clear as they should have been and vocals in the upper register just did not pop the way they should.
I tried all sorts of music from Springsteen to Santana to George Winston to Aerosmith and Branford Marsalis. No matter which genre of music I tried I was left feeling a bit “empty” not getting the enveloping experience that good headphones give you – the illusion that the sound is inside your head and all around.
On the Galaxy S3, I played with the various EQ settings, adjusted the bass boost and the 3D sound settings, but it really didn’t help the overall sound quality.

The wrap up

The NoiseHush NX26 is a relatively low cost full size headphone with the ability to also use it as a headset. If you don’t like putting ear buds into your ear canals or you have the type of ears that make it hard to get anything to stay, the NX26 offers a good alternative.
They are certainly comfortable and can be worn for long periods of time.  Call quality was fine on both ends.  Where these fall short is in the area that, for me, is most important in a full sized headphone – musical sound quality.  Most comparably prices in-ear headphones offer better sound quality than these full sized on-the-ear headphones.

The good

  • Comfortable for extended listening
  • Easily adjustable
  • Controlling music from full sized headphones is convenient

The bad

  • Music quality is just not what a full sized headphone should deliver
  • Build quality of the headband is a little suspect

The verdict

The NoiseHush NX26 is not for everyone. Most users will be better off with an equally priced or even less expensive set of in-ear ear buds. If you can’t stand to have things in your ears and like a bigger, full sized headphone and want to be able to field phone calls – these might work for you.

Buy it now

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iBolt ProDock Alumina

iBolt ProDock Alumina review

iBolt ProDock Alumina

Driving hands free is not only safe; it’s the law in many places. The iBolt ProDock Alumina keeps your phone in view so you can stay focused on the road.

Your new Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) or other Android phone can serve as a great navigator or in-car entertainment center. You can control lots of the functions with S voice or other voice control software, but you still need to be able to see your phone.
The iBolt ProDock Alumina is a great way to keep your phone in sight, but mounted and safely accessible when needed. No matter which Android phone you have, it should fit on this dock.
iBolt ProDock Alumina

What’s in the box

what's in the box
The iBolt ProDock Alumina comes with everything you need to quickly get up and running.  The iBolt contains:
  • The dock
  • Suction cup mount for windshield or plastic disk
  • Plastic disk for the dashboard
  • Vent mounting kit
  • Extra set of long feet (for phones with thick cases)

Set up suction cup mount

The iBolt ProDock can either be set up as a window or dash mount or, using the vent mount kit, as a vent mounted dock for your phone.
The easiest way to mount the phone is via the window mount:
  1. Unscrew the ring on the back of the mount
  2. Put the ball joint into the housing and push
  3. Screw the ring in to tighten
  4. Mount the suction cup to the window of your car
  5. Put your phone in the dock
  6. Tighten the fastener by pushing down (or to the side if mounting in portrait mode)
window mount
To attach the unit to your dashboard, you first need to attach the plastic disk to your dash. Then, do just as you did above, but attach the suction cup to the disk instead of the windshield.
Dash mount
To release the phone from the fastener, just push in the button on the side of the iBolt mount.

Set up vent mount

The iBolt ProDock comes with a vent mount kit as well.  Some folks like using a vent mount because it places the phone closer in reach and closer if you use the speaker phone of the  Galaxy S3 or otherAndroid phone.
To use the vent mount:
  1. Snap the two legs into the top of the vent mount unit
  2. Slide the legs to best position them for your car
  3. Squeeze the legs to attach to upper vent
  4. Adjust bottom of vent mount for support
  5. Unscrew ring on back of main mount
  6. Push in ball joint and screw in ring
  7. Put phone in dock
  8. Tighten fastener
vent mount
To release the phone, push the button on the side of the iBolt dock.

Using the iBolt

The iBolt can be used in either portrait or landscape mode. Rotate the dock to any position desired. Thanks to the ball joint, you really can have this in just about any position desired.
The legs on the bottom (or on the side if in portrait mode) can slide to either side. This is particularly helpful so as the buttons don’t press on the Volume buttons or Power button or Camera button on other phones.  If your phone has a particularly bulky case, you can attach the included extra long legs in place of the standard ones to accommodate the phone in the case.
Once you have the orientation of the dock set, put in your phone and push down (landscape mode) or to the side (portrait mode) on the locking fastener. To release the fastener, just push the button on the left-hand side (landscape mode) or the bottom (portrait mode.)
NOTE: If you are using the phone in portrait mode and push the release button, make sure you are holding onto your phone or it will just fall straight down!

Design and Build quality

Overall, the iBolt ProDock seems like a solid product.  The dock is made of a durable and strong plastic. The ball joint snaps in securely and seems very secure when attached.  The suction cup has a lock and release and really held in place – even with road vibration.
The vent mount, as is the case with pretty much every vent mount I have tested, used plastic feet than can snap if forced into place.  That being said, I was able to attach and remove the vent mount with no problems in my particular car.

The Wrap up

The iBolt ProDock alumina does just what it claims to do. It hold your Galaxy S3 or other Android phone securely in place. It is versatile, in that it can attach to your window, dash or vent and it can easily be rotated form portrait to landscape mode.

The Good

  • Easy to use and set up
  • Strong suction cup
  • Solid construction
  • Easy to rotate between portrait and landscape
  • Adjustable feet to avoid buttons

The Bad

  • Vent mount feet are not as sturdy
  • Nothing to protect the phone from falling out of dock in portrait mode

The Verdict

The iBolt ProDock is a great way to dock your HTC One XEVO 4G LTE, Galaxy S3 or other device in your car.  The flexibility of portrait or landscape use, window or dash or vent mount makes this a very user configurable product.

Buy it now

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Google Listen

Google Listen is officially dead

Google Listen
A long, long time ago, in an Android ecosystem far away, Google Listen was our favorite podcatcher app. It was easy. It was simple. It synced with Google Reader, making adding new podcasts a snap. But it never seemed to be a very high priority, and today Google has put Listen out to pasture, as was first noticed by some of our own, as well as by folks on Twitter. The reason? There are other, better apps out there.
Says Google:
We launched Google Listen through Google Labs in August 2009, to give people a way to discover and listen to podcasts. However, with Google Play, people now have access to a wider variety of podcast apps, so we’ve discontinued Listen. People who have already installed the app can still use it, but after November 1, podcast search won’t function. You can access your podcast subscriptions in Google Reader in the “Listen Subscriptions” folder and download them from the Import/Export tab.
We're a little sad to see it go, but there really are a number of great podcatchers out there. Oh, and if you're needing to re-add the feed to the Greatest Android Podcast in the World, here's the audio feed.
Source: Google

How to add and arrange Home screens on the Galaxy S3

How to add and arrange Home screens on the Galaxy S3

how to add and arrange home screens on the galaxy s3

Home screens on the Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) are very configurable; you can even delete complete Home screens and add brand new ones. 

Out of the box, the Galaxy S3 comes with seven home screens. As we have learned, you can customize each screen with App icons and widgets and really tailor make each page to better suit the way you use the phone.
One great feature is that you can delete complete Home screens and start over and add new ones. You can then rearrange your Home screens so that what you need is available in exactly the way you desire. 

Getting to the Home screen edit screen 

The first step to deleting and adding new Home screens is to get to the Home screen-editing screen on the Galaxy S3.
Go to any Home screen and long press – (touch and hold) the screen
  1. Choose Add to Home screen
  2. Touch the Page tab
  3. All of your Home screens are now displayed and can be edited, deleted or rearranged.

choose add to home screen  choose page

Deleting a Home screen 

To delete a Home screen, just pick the screen from the seven now shown on the phone and drag it to the Trashcan icon. Confirm the delete on the next screen and the screen is now deleted.
drag home screen to trashcan  confirm delete

Adding a new Home screen

You will now notice in the place of the deleted screen is a blank screen with a (+) indicated.  Simply touch the blank screen with the (+) icon and a new, blank screen will be placed on the Home screen editing screen. You can now add App icons and widgets to the new Home screen.
add a home screen  new blank home screen created

Rearranging Home screens

Once you are set with your seven Home screens, you can rearrange them in any order you wish. The screen in the middle is usually the default Home screen to which the phone will immediately go to when turned on.  The screens to the right and left are the screens you would normally swipe to on the left or right of the default screen, which is in the middle. To rearrange Home screens:
  1. Touch and hold any of the Home screens
  2. Drag it to its new place – either next to the Default screen or in another location
  3. Confirm the new placement by exiting from the editing mode and swiping through Home screens

Changing the Default Home screen

The usual Default Home screen has the Clock/Weather widget at the top. If this is not the screen that you wish to make “default” you can easily change that. In this example, I want to make the screen with myFlipboard widget my default screen.
  1. Notice the House icon in the upper right of each Home screen
  2. Touch the House icon on the screen you wish to become the Default screen
  3. The house icon turns blue on the new screen
  4. A message is displayed that the Default Home screen has been changed
default home screen in middle  default home screen to the left
Play around with this a bit. With a little bit of experimentation, you can really make your Galaxy S3 your own.  Each Home screen can really reflect the way you want to use your phone and can appear in the order you want them to as you swipe through your Home screens.
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