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new android version

The Google foray into the smart phones and tablet's market has given birth to various Android versions. Android is the Google operating system used to run devices on cell phones and tablets. Due to the popularity of Androids, there has been a mad scramble by major telecommunication manufacturers such as Samsung and Motorola to integrate Android updates into their products. This has led to a series of Android software updates and the most recent has been the introduction of the Android 2.x and 3.x versions
When buying intelligent phones and tablets, it is very important to know, which included features are of benefit to the user. This will enable the user decide to buy either a smart phone or a tablet. The Android 3.x is the most-recent version and is designed to run on tablets. The majority of today's mobile phones run Android 2.2 or 2.3 versions. In addition, the Android 2.3 is encrypted with VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). VoIP simply means that the Internet networks can be used to make phone calls over the net. Adobe flash is also included from the Android 2.2 version. The advantage of having Adobe flash on these devices is that it's easier to create stunning apps containing pictures, audio, and video.

Newer versions of Androids run on tablets. The major development of the latest Android 3.x versions is that it includes such features as document creation, HTML5 tagging, opening widgets, and running downloaded apps and games. These apps and games can be downloaded straight from the Android market and the Amazon Store.
With the massive popularity of social networks, websites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook have become very popular. One of the latest features on the Android 3.x tablets is that it has become much easier to play music and launch Facebook. Social networks can be launched quicker through the new home screens installed on these devices.
Another expensive feature that can be used through newer versions of Android is access to storage facilities such as Dropbox. Dropbox is very valuable because free users can use it to store up to two Gigabytes of their personal information. This information can be accessed by the user from anywhere including their mobile phones, tablets and any computer that has Internet access.
The latest version of WordPress has also been integrated into more recent versions of the Android operating system. WordPress is currently the most popular blogging and content management software in the world. WordPress has become the number one software for launching websites due to the massive number of plugins that can be integrated for easier usage.
Doubtless product launches of more Android versions will soon be available in high street stores. This is because Google's Android technology is free and hence Telecom companies do not have to pay for usage. As a result, more phone and tablet manufacturers will convert to Android technology. This will benefit Android users as more of their friends will convert to Android devices.
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