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android technology

The Android OS is slowly gaining its popularity. If you're in track with all of the latest cellular market news you are most probably aware of that. iPhone and Blackberry OSes are more popular that the Android OSes. This is partly due to the fact that the Android OS is used in a lot of different phones. It could also be because this OS is always being developed and upgraded which makes it a lot more competitive with the other smart phones that are being sold. Unlike the other major smart phone competitors (iPhones and Blackberries), the Android (aka "Google") phones are varied and come in many different styles with systems that vary in extensiveness. Here are some great facts about the Android and Google phones that you might not yet know.

We found one website that said Google didn't invent Android. Yes, we already know that Google claims credit for these phones. Many people will call these phones "Google phones" when they are looking into them. Rich Miner and Andy Rubin, according to the research we've done, are the actual creators of the OS. Google bought the OS from them after they invented it in 2003. Even though they bought it in 2003, they didn't release it right away and, instead, chose to spend a few years on further developments so that it would be better prepared for the mobile market. The popular iPhone has many users who purchased the phone because they were familiar with
Apple computers. The main reason most iPhone users purchased their phones is because they are loyal followers to the Apple brand name. Apple's overall fan base is perhaps larger than some other brands. Consumers of Android OS are not yet as committed to their product. They will most likely choose a phone because of its pricing or technology. Loyal iPhone users will recommend their phone to everyone they talk to about cellular devices. Android users lack the zeal for the product to recommend others use it too.

The Android OS was created to enhance the Open Handset Alliance. Many companies are working together to update and advance the operating system on a continual basis. Grabbing the majority of press interest gives Google the appearance of being the largest company but there are others with the same interests. There are many companies in different locations around the world working with a variety of mobile providers. Making the Android OS a universally recognized cellular device. Users who are familiar with open source ease of accessibility and development will choose the Android OS for this reason alone.
The Android phone can even be found in Africa! Many people already own Android OS phones but are unaware. If you are using a Blackberry or and iPhone you are not likely using the Android Operating System, however most other phones do. That is because many providers began implementing the open source Android OS in 2007 after it's premier. How many times have you changed phones since 2007?
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