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gizmodo new iphone

A larger battery than iPhone 3GS, lots of screws and key components safely encased in metal coverings are the things that Gizmodo found during their postmortem of the next generation iPhone.
Before returning it to Apple, the Gizmodo team just had to find out what was inside. But they were largely disappointed as the processor of the device was carefully covered with metal casing which could only be opened by permanently damaging it. They also couldn't verify how much RAM was in there for same reason as the processor.
What they found though, was a battery 19% larger than the previous Phone, around 40-50 screws and most importantly, several areas of the phone where Apple is clearly written. Most of the internal components were also significantly smaller in size to accommodate the larger battery.

All this comes after the controversy which has taken the Telecom world by storm. It all began a week ago when a next generation iPhone was found in a niht club. Since then reports had been coming that this was indeed the new iPhone 4G.
Meanwhile Apple had remained mysteriously quite. But even they had to come out with an official letter when the technology blog Gizmodo came up with a detailed review on the next generation iPhone.
Apple eventually asked Gizmodo to return their device officially. This might well be one of those marketing and hype generation tactics just to get the masses involved in the soon to be launched advertising campaign. No matter what the reality was Gizmodo got it's share of limelight during this controversial event.
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