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Tons of peeps all over the world received their iPhone to use with their Verizon plan yesterday - so I thought it would be good timing to start a series for the beloved apps - what apps I absolutely love and can't live without, arty apps, fun games, and organization tips. As someone who has an iPhone for almost 2 years, and has 231 apps in circulation (not to mention the amount of apps I've downloaded and gotten rid of). I hope my insight can help the newbies get started quickly, as well as begin to see how their lives will never be the same!
First up are the apps I use every single day. These are apps that have changed my life, can't live without them, would die if anything happened to my iPhone and I couldn't use these. Seriously.
(NOTE: I do not get a kick back or am an affiliate of ANY of the following.) 

  1. Alarm Clock. Recently, iPhone's Clock stopped working one morning and thousands of people who rely on this app for their alarm clock missed appointments, meetings and most importantly, their flights. Nevermore! The Alarm Clock app has lots of features, and decent tones to wake up to as well as the option to wake up to a song in your iPod.
  2. CalenGoo. For those of you who use Google Calendar (and you probably should since it's portable from anywhere) CalenGoo is by far the best calendar app I've had. Options to invite people to events, color coded just like on the computer, you can zoom in and out and it saves all the important details from your meeting information. Even works when you have no internet connection, which is so very awesome.
  3. The Weather Channel. I check this app a few times a day. If it's winter, I check the "hourly" forecast to see when it's supposed to start snowing. If I'm shopping for an outfit, I check the 10 day to see what the weather will be like when I'm going to be wearing said outfit. If I'm traveling, I check to see how the weather will be where I'm going. And every night I check to see what the temp will be like the next day so my husband and I can plan what to wear. Invaluable.
  4. Evernote. This one is a handy-dandy catch-all, both online and on the phone. Online it's a great bookmarking system for info and websites, on the phone, I snap photos of my driver's license so I don't have to dig it out of my wallet. I keep banking account info on there (yeah, my phone is locked up tight) so I can make deposits without having to remember my bank account numbers. You can snap photos and upload them to your online Evernote so you don't forget a price, or product, or name of something.
  5. Facebook. I read my news feed everywhere I go, if I'm stuck in traffic, in doctor's offices, and I think my news feeds have been more interesting when I'm posting from somewhere when something interesting has happened to me, like the time I posted when an older lady with a dressed teddy bear asked me to watch him so she could go buy her breakfast. Lately, people have been emailing me on Facebook for business so it's good to be able to keep up with that too.
  6. Google Maps. I use this wherever I go since it has GPS - and I never get lost. I just type in the address and go. It has a map feature so you can see how far and a list feature for the rights and lefts of it.
  7. MobileRSS. This is the best iPhone RSS reader I've ever used. Keeps my Google reader organized, allows you to tweet and share articles the same way you would online, or save articles for reading later offline. Very attractive interface.
  8. Producteev. This is the best to-do organizer out there, and I've tried ALL OF THEM. Sync it to an online version for your to-dos daily, business, home, volunteer work, whatever is in your life, this thing is awesome. Syncs to Google calendar and reminds you of stuff you forgot - which is great both online and on the go. The app is indispensable.
  9. Allrecipes. Know you have chicken to make for dinner but have no idea what to do with it? Try their Dinner Spinner, which lets you put in the ingredient, the meal, and the time you want to take to cook it to find recipes. LOVE this!
  10. IMDB. When you're watching TV or a movie and can't remember what else that guy was in. Or when you want to know how old she is, or who they were married to before. I use this app more and more. Recently, I've found it's useful for seeing age differences in characters, like when they pair someone up with a mother who is actually 8 years older than they are. Fun. I use this app way more than I ever use the online website.
  11. Our Groceries. A totally FREE app that lets you keep a running list of what you need from the grocery store as well as sharing the list with your spouse, so they can see and/or add to the list. We used to use Grocery IQ but it is clunky, has too many coupons and runs super slow. This is the best alternative. Why write down a grocery list ever again? You won't lose this one and you can put stuff on the list as you think of it, or run out of it. Also an Our Groceries online version that everyone can type their groceries into, in case you hate typing with your iPhone, or aren't used to it yet.
  12. Shazam. I really love Shazam. Never, ever wonder what the name of that song is or who sings it, ever again. Plus, once you "tag" it, you can then purchase it from iTunes or see the video on YouTube. I use this one a lot.
  13. Yelp. I use Yelp before I go to most restaurants I've never been to before. At the very least, other people's reviews will tell me what to order or not to order, but it also offers directions, restaurant websites, hours of operation. Sometimes these are better than most restaurant websites.
  14. NetFlix. I have a Netflix account, yes, for $10 a month. But it affords me so much more! I can watch TV and movies on my iPhone now! Don't think I don't take earphones everywhere I go, in case I have to stand in line for 30 seconds, because I do. Yes, I do. Lately I've been watching the Kids in the Hall series but I've also been known to indulge in the first four seasons of 30Rock and Parks and Recreation.
  15. AroundMe. Where's the nearest gas station? ATM? How far is the closest Bed, Bath and Beyond? Is there a parking garage in the next few blocks? All of these questions and more answered with this handy app, especially when you're traveling but also when you just forget where crap is.
iPhone users - what are the apps YOU can't live without so far? Did I miss any? Can you share some with me? I love me some apps!

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