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when does new iphone come out

On the 4th of October people around the world were expecting the iPhone 5 and its white version to take center stage. However, there were a number of Apple enthusiasts who were disappointed to see the Cupertino firm's CEO Tim Cook officially announce the iPhone 4S. Many wondered if the most highly anticipated smartphone would ever be launched.
There are various reasons why Apple's fans were looking forward to the company's 5th generation iOS 5-powered handset. First of all, the competition offered handsets with bigger touch screens such as the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the HTC Sensation XE. This rumored handset was said to sport at least a 4 inch display.
Another feature people were expecting was completely different design. The phone was said to sport a curved design. It was said to be totally different from the 4th generation iPhone's boxlike design. Instead, the 4S was unveiled. In terms of design, it was exactly like the Apple's former flagship handset.

True, the new smartphone does not fall short on power and the latest software. It comes packed with the A5 dual-core processor and is pre-installed with the iOS 5. However, people are still wondering about what they expected was to come. Will it ever be launched?
Although we cannot officially confirm if it will ever come out, we can take a look at the clues. Apple has contracted a new chip manufacturer to create the A6 chip. This is said to be the latest chipset that will come packed under the hood of the company's future devices. It is said to be a more powerful dual-core processor. Some even believe that it will be a quad-core. However, it will only be available in 2012. This suggests that the phone we were expecting will be launched by next year.
Many thought that the iPhone 5 and its white version would sport NFC (Near Field Technology) capabilities. Sadly, we did not get this feature on the 4S. This feature would have allowed Apple's fans to enjoy the luxury of contactless payments. Apple is said to be testing the waters when it comes to this technology. It is probably monitoring how NFC progresses in today's features. Once the technology kicks off, it is most likely to follow suit. We might just see their 5th generation smartphone sporting NFC next year.
If you were disappointed with the current 4S, do not be discouraged. It is most likely that we will see the iPhone 5 by next year. 2012 is just a few months away.
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