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new iphone leaked

We are just days left from Apple's 2009 WWDC, which is anticipated to announce the latest iPhone, however commenting the rumors about what Phil Schiller may be bringing on stage was necessary.
The writing on the back of this lusterless device appears silver, along with looks more like an engraving in metal than paint on plastic. The subsequent generation iPhone moreover loses the chrome ring around the camera.
Added rumors have circulated lately regarding a glowing Apple symbol on the back of the latest iPhone; on the other hand this is implausible considering battery life constraints. What looks cool on the back of a notebook computer does not essentially make sense on a previously battery-starved mobile device.

On the other hand the headphone socket does not appear to be on the bottom of the iPhone video, as shown in the last set of leaked photos, which suggests that anywhere along the line there are several fakes. According to Nowhere Else, a source at Orange France suggests that the new iPhone will come in 8, 16 and 32GB capacities along with in both white and black finishes, will be 3mm smaller and launch on February 9th in France.
The device pictured definitely seems to tick all of the apparent boxes tipped by pre-launch rumors. There's the latest chassis, new chrome-free finish along with second slot believed to be for a front-facing camera on the top of the fascia.
It's promising the backlight for the LED screen could be used to shine in the course of the back of the case, conversely this would necessitate the rearrangement of opaque hardware on the motherboard in involving the backlight and the glowing Apple logo.
The matte finish looks like it may provide better grip, whether metal otherwise plastic, and hide scratches better than the present shiny finish.
Expectantly, Apple has figured out a way to prevent the notorious hairline cracks that users have reported on white plastic iPhone 3G enclosures.
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