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When the iPhone was first released, it was a game changer in the mobile device space. Now that Android based devices have hit the market, some people are starting to rethink their iPhones. There are a number of compelling reasons to give up your iPhone for Android.
Notification System. One reason to switch from iPhone to Android is the Android's robust and unified notification system. Unlike the iPhone, Android has a single notification system that developers can tap into when developing applications. This means that the Android can provide notifications of various things like weather alerts, Facebook notifications, new tweets, and much more. The Android truly excels at keeping up with the flow of information all around you.
Easy Connectivity Settings. The Android devices also have an easy way to access the various connectivity settings. On the iPhone you have to dig into the settings menus to turn Wi-Fi ON or OFF or to change a phone network, GPS or Bluetooth configuration. Android makes it much simpler to control your connectivity. The power management widget allows you to easily toggle GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ON and OFF right from your home screen. And turning off the phone network is as simple as holding the "end" key and selecting "airplane mode".

Web Browser. One of the most compelling reasons to choose Android is the web browsing experience. The Android browser is incredibly fast and very capable. Unlike Safari for the iPhone, it also supports Flash, allowing you to watch videos or play games directly on web pages.
Integration with Google. Obviously, an Android device will be tightly integrated with Google applications. It really goes further than that though. Android syncs its contacts with Gmail. This allows you to easily manage your contacts on either your phone or the desktop. In fact, a number of applications save their information to the Google cloud. And you are not required to use iTunes to sync your phone. This makes dumping the iPhone for Android especially attractive to those using Linux, and unable to run iTunes.
Multiple Carriers. Being locked into a single carrier is the biggest reason that you might want to consider Android over iPhone. Android devices are available on a number of carrier networks so you truly have choice over who you want to use for your mobile service. With the iPhone, you are locked into AT&T for service.
Open-Source. Finally, Android is an open-source system. While that is less of a factor to some people, it is very important to others. Open-source means developers and hardware makers have much more control over how they can customize the Android devices. It also means that no one company has complete control over Android. Many users are frustrated by the iPhone's lack of support for Flash. On Android, even if it did not already support Flash, developers would be able to add support since it is an open-source system.
There are a number of compelling reasons to consider switching from iPhone to Android. Android provides a single notification system, easy access to connectivity settings, a fantastic web browsing experience, and tight integration with Google applications. You also get to choose your carrier. Finally, as an open-source system, Android allows developers to customize it in ways unimaginable with the iPhone. Choosing between iPhone and Android can be tough, but Android does offer a host of "addictive" features that enrich your mobile experience.
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