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new android x

Are there any safe ways to really get a free new Droid X phone?
There's simply a lot of freebie offers in the Internet. In fact there's too many of these offers one would think they are simply a way to lure people to spend when they don't intend to. It is normal to be wary of such promotionals as much as it is normal to be curious about them. Didn't you ever wonder if it is really possible to get anything for nothing if only through the Internet?

For one to get a free new Droid X phone, doing a little research is necessary and familiarization of certain characteristics found only in legit offers is equally important. Arm yourself with all the necessary knowledge and you are sure to bring home a brand new Android phone. What are the things you must know?
If an offer is authentic, people will surely talk about it, right? Visit forums and see what other people have to say about certain offers.
An authentic rewards site must look it. When you end up with a website that looks put together with lots of error, maybe you should try another site. If a site can give stuff away, it can surely afford a web designer, right?
Also, a legitimate free new Droid X phone offer (or any offer for that matter) will not require you pay any fees or provide financial information i.e. your credit card number. If you are asked for any shipping and handling fees, make sure that the item will really be sent to you before parting with your money.
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