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Rewards Sites - Your Way to a New Droid X Phone For Free

Ever wonder how those rewards sites really work? Do you want to know if it is really possible to get freebies from these offers? Read on to know the answers.
Rewards sites are a great place for you to get freebie stuff without paying like for example a Droid X Phone for free. These sites work by giving items away as reward for a simple favor from participants. This favor includes signing up for some advertiser offers and referring friends to the site.

Before participants get their reward, they must agree to sample some sponsors' products or services, no payments are needed. Many people agree to do this because most sponsor offers are from established and trusted businesses.
The referral program is also very achievable and it is only a way for this rewards sites to gain more potential customers for their sponsors. If you know how to play this freebie game correctly, you'd be the proud owner of a brand new Droid X Phone for free.
If you are interested in taking your chance and get a cool new Android phone from Motorola, here's what you need to do:
• Register with a genuine freebie site using an existing e-mail address, your correct name and shipping address.
• Complete a survey and some sponsor offers. Choose the ones from businesses you are familiar with. You'd be surprised there are a lot of them, so opt for those that you think would benefit you most like discount coupons, pet food offers or beauty products.
• Refer some friends. The number of people you are asked to refer depends on the type of reward you want. This also depends on individual rewards sites policies.
When you complete all requirements, there's nothing left to do but wait for your Droid X Phone for free to arrive.
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