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transfer apps to new iphone

If someone you know also has an iPhone, you may want to trade for certain applications the have. Instead of buying these often expensive apps, you can simply transfer an application from one iPhone to the other. Using iTunes and a few quick and easy steps, you too can transfer applications to your computer and then to another iPhone.
The process for transferring apps from your iPhone to another iPhone is very simple. The ability to transfer apps allows you to copy apps to your wife's, child's or friend's iPhone so that they can use the applications without having to pay for them. This process involves transferring the apps from your iPhone to a computer and then from the computer to the target iPhone.

To transfer the apps from your iPhone to computer, open up iTunes library. The iTunes library The library from the target iPhone should be the one that is being opened. If you use the iTunes that belongs to your PC or Mac, it will produce error. To authorize iTunes to access your account information, you should select Store > Authorize Computer. When the Authorize Computer dialog box appears, enter your Apple ID and password. If you have authorized more than five computers, it will notify you. To deauthorize a computer, go to iTunes and select Store > Deauthorize Computer. After that, connect the iPhone which contain the licensed apps to the iTunes. Next, right click on the iPhone icon in iTunes and select Transfer Purchases. The iPhone informs you that the transfer is in progress by showing the message "Sync in Progress". You will also see the files copying in the window of your iTunes menu. The transfer process can take some time depending on the number of purchases you have on your iPhone. When the transfer is completed, eject your iPhone from iTunes.
To transfer the Applications to another iPhone, connect the iPhone (the iPhone which you want to have the files transferred) to the computer. Under the Applications tab, check the applications which you want to transfer to this particular iPhone. Finally, you should click on the Sync button that located at the bottom to begin the application transfer process to this iPhone.
Following these easy steps, paying for multiple applications is a thing of the past. If you find a cool app on a friend or relatives iPhone, you can now copy it using iTunes for free. This simple trick can save you hundreds in iPhone app expenses!
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