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new apps for iphone

We know there are about a hundred trillion iPhone apps we could go through and be excited about, but unfortunately an article containing such a massive litany would probably make your computer explode.
So, we're not going to go overboard here and hurt your brain. Instead, lets present you with a shortlist of what iPhone Apps we like.
What makes one iPhone App more appealing then another? There's a number of crucial elements. It has to have a function that's interesting, sure, but it also has to be something that we can use in our daily or weekly lives - in other words, it should have an impact on our overall quality of life. That's what technology is here for, after all: to make things easier on us. Hopefully these apps deliver on that necessary ingredient while doing it with a little flair. This is the internet age, after all, and we have been blessed with abundance and choice, right? Let's take a look at the apps we've dug up.

iPhone App # 1 - Heytell. The development crew from Voxilate have developed a really ingenius way to communicate. Heytell uses VOIP technology to send short messages recorded in audio to anyone else who has the App installed. The simple to use interface makes it dead easy to send a message. Just click on a contacts name, press the record button, and once you've finished the message is instantly sent. Your voice message is instantly transferred over to their iPhone, ready to be heard when it suits them. Heytell is free to install and use. Extra features will cost a few dollars, but they're not essential and you can still save on call costs.
Top App No 2 - iTorch4. If you're a proud owner of an iPhone 4 you might have noticed there's a handy light / flash on the back of the iPhone. Well, this App allows you to use that light whenever you wish. You'll be able to light up your path in darkness once this app is installed. You won't need to launch the iPhone's camera app just to turn on the light. This app is a quick and easy solution for controlling your iPhone 4's on / off switch. Kinda makes you wonder why Apple haven't done this already. This App is voted number 2 simply because it's needed and it serves a well needed purpose. Forget the torch or flashlight. The iPhone 4 and this app installed is all you need!
iPhone App # 3 - Angry Birds Rio. Life should be fun and exciting, and this app delivers hours of fun for free. A spin-off from the original Angry Birds series, the goal here is to knock out the bad pigs and save your birdy friends. This is a game of skill, but it's not too hard to work out. There's one great reason why heaps of people love this type of game. It's easy, and fun! Don't take our word for it, download it and install it yourself. It's a superb game and can be downloaded from the App Store for free! How can you beat that?
So, are there any more Apps worth checking out? Of course there are, but hopefully these nice little programs have excited you about what's headed your way in 2011.
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