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Reasons to Get a Motorola Droid X Phone for Free

Why would you want to own a Motorola Droid X Phone for free?
If getting this Android phone for nothing is not enough reason in itself, then perhaps the following reasons will suffice.  
This Motorola handset is packed with great features including:

•    8 GB of storage space
•    Multitouch Keyboard
•    8 MP camera
•    1GHz ARMv7 processor
•    Ability to record a 720p video
•    4.4-inch FWVGA 854 x 480-resolution screen
•    Android 2.1 with "a new sort of Motoblur"
•    HD camcorder with audio scene selection
•    Connect to a Wi-Fi connection or turn into one
•    Thousands of apps available in the Android Market
So what needs to be done to get a new Motorola Droid X Phone for free?
First step is of course to locate a legitimate rewards site. Settle for one that has received positive reviews from genuine consumers. A legit offer will not require any payments from participants.

Once you've found a site, register for an account. You will be requested to use a working e-mail address, your correct name and address. Then you'll be asked to complete a survey and some sponsor offers. These sponsor offers are mostly free-trials for new products. You get to try out new products without spending a dime and get a cool phone in return.
After signing up for advertiser offers, you will also be asked to refer some friends. Why don't you spread the good news and tell friends about these freebie offers? They'd later thank you for it.
After completing the requirements, sit back and simply await your new Motorola Droid X Phone for free.
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