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best new iphone apps

Have you recently purchased an iPhone 3GS and feel a little bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of apps available for you to download? I'm going to guide you through my top 5 must have applications for the iPhone.
  • Skype - If you have a wireless network setup at home, Skype for the iPhone is a powerful application that is convenient and will save you money. With Skype you can make local, inter-state or inter-national phone calls for no cost at all provided the other person you're calling is on the Skype network. Given it's must have status as an application for your mobile phone, many people already have installed it. It's a great opportunity for you to call friends and family who are currently living interstate or abroad at no cost. Take full advantage of this great service.
  • Google - While you can browse your way to Google.com, a better option is to download the Google application. You can access a broad range of the services Google provides, directly through this application. If you love Gmail, Google Docs & Google Reader, it'll give you access to these products much quicker than navigating through the mobile browser. If you need to conduct a search, you can use the voice search function which is great if you're driving or can't be bothered typing in your query.

  • Canabalt -No top 5 selection would be complete without a game to play. Canabalt can be described as Mario Bro's on speed. Jump your way over buildings, through office windows while avoiding crates and boxes. It's a cheap an affordable game that has the same appeal as the classic game snake.
  • Ebuddy - While instant messaging is not as popular as it once was, if you continue to use services such as ICQ, MSN and Yahoo messenger, this application will allow you to access these services on to go and straight from your mobile phone. It's simple to use and has the added benefit of costing nothing at all; it's free.
  • Facebook/Twitter - Facebook has become a world wide sensation and it's now available for you to use for free on your mobile phone. If you've been following (pun intended) the latest social media craze that is twitter, there are many different clients that you can choose from to access. Personally i suggest using Echofon but there are numerous other clients available to use. Try a few different ones to see what suits you best.
There are hundreds if not thousands of applications available directly through the App store on your iPhone. Don't be afraid to have a peek around to see what else is available.

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