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Idea For an iPhone Or Android Application - Photo Notes

The Need: 
All phone users across the world have some time or other felt the necessity to describe a scene or object to another person on the other end of the call. However technology has still not given us the ability to click a photograph and send it across as a description to discussion. Often the photo has to be clicked before and notes are sent either verbally or in a separate SMS.
The Setting: 
The target area where such a need is most likely to be fulfilled is the smart-phone market and their users. Smartphones already have the capability to make phone calls and click photographs. The higher end phones like Androids and iPhones have the capability to deploy custom applications. The people carrying such mobiles often experiment with their apps and may be more open to new apps like these. So this happens to be the perfect setting for such an application.

The Concept: 
An application which seamlessly interfaces with the main dialer application. This application will have access to the camera as well as be capable of using a photograph as a canvas to write notes and basic graphics (like circles, squares and arrows). The application should be able to click the photograph and write the notes while the call is in progress and send it as an sms/mms/web attachment to the phone number at the other end. That way there will be a seamless way to describe things while in the call.
The Use Cases: 
One strong use case is troubleshooting in industrial repair scenarios. Often a field engineer is not as well trained as a main engineer sitting at the dept of maintenance. Such an application would make real time remote repair possible. Another possible use case would be directions for a person coming to meet you. You could send a pic with your setting and a circle around the destination!
The Challenges: 
There are of course a few challenges in developing such an app.
  1. The phone has to have a powerful processor to multi-task like this (Snapdragon maybe)
  2. The application should have a basic paint like interface which maybe difficult to develop in non-touch devices
  3. The phone should not stall the call or the voice clarity while processing the photo
Notwithstanding these challenges, the usefulness of such an app would make the phone a real asset. To this end I am in the process of writing the code for such an application for my android phone. Wish me luck!
Surajit Ray is an avid art and handicraft enthusiast. He works with rural and indigenous artists from various parts of India. He likes creating customized art pieces for discerning buyers.
Surajit is also interested in coding in Java and for the Android platform. His main interests are in the realm of machine learning and simulated neural networks. He is a strong supporter of the open source software concept and works with the various open source groups in Delhi, India.

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