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iPhone 4.0 features leaked by Gizmodo
In case you have been out of the loop for the last few weeks, a developer working on the new Apple iPhone 4.0 accidentally left a prototype of the device at a bar in Redwood City Washington. After a unsuspecting bystander found the phone, he attempted to contact Apple before he sold it to Gizmodo for $5000. Once the tech blog got a hold of the device, they disassembled it and revealed what are likely to be a few of its new features. We have listed the most important ones below.
1.) Front facing video camera. You can expect the new iPhone to have a camera for video conferencing. Gizmodo's editor made a point of mentioning the camera's increased size. It will probably support 1080 by 720p HD video resolutions, an option that will excite those looking for a solid video camera in addition to their new phone.

2.) A better screen. When Gizmodo's editor attempted to use the iPhone 4.0, he noticed that the iTunes loader icon had a much more crisp resolution than the icon on the current iPhone 3GS. Although nobody knows exactly what the new screen resolution will be, it's a reasonable guess to assume it will be 960 by 640, similar to most of the rumors floating around.
3.) Bigger battery. The new battery for the iPhone 4.0 takes up 16% more of the space inside the chassis. Every other component in the device has been shrunk down to create more space for the battery. All of this makes sense as Apple moves to include more power consuming components such as the video camera and higher resolution screen.
From what we have seen, the new cell phone will be unlike any model we have seen from Apple so far. It's a shame the next stevenote won't come as much of a surprise.
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