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Easy For iPhone Developers and Android Applications with Modelbaker

ModelBaker is an application that delivers point and click development so iPhone developers can work for and with businesses, customers, organizations and schools. With Model Baker your developers can rapidly build a corporate intranet from the bottom up. Customize client web applications and online classrooms. Let your customers see what you can do, and build it all with one click. From Entity models, Model Baker can generate the PHP (a general purpose server scripting language originally designed for web developers to produce dynamic web pages) and SQL (structured query language which is also a programming language with mathematical basis and is designed for managing data in relational database management systems). Insert your SQL into tables and build a foundation for your web applications.

Outsourced iPhone and iPad development
Using an iPhone to experiment with apps is great, but mobilizing websites or applications can be tricky especially if you are not a programmer or a developer. ModelBaker is outsourced to iPhone web developers from Widget Press and this rapid application development tool provides a drag-and-drop interface that actually creates apps for iPhone or Android devices without all the complicated coding that is usually required. Outsource iPhone developers, web novices, K-12 schools and university computer labs, company IT departments are all excited about using Model Baker.
iPhone and iPad development
Widget Press and Model Baker feature rapid web app development tools for Mac OS X. Point and click and developers for web, iPhone, iPad and Google Android applications can benefit from this quick and easy development software tool. Model Baker has built in MySQL database support and requires zero programming experience. Anyone can build corporate intranets; create custom web applications from scratch. Mobile access from the iPhone can perform numerous tasks.
Widget Press is an outsourced development company and has promised that Model Baker will provide developers time and cost savings by generating high quality code for fast prototyping and production. Graphic designers and web developers have raved about the clear, simple, unified interacting and generating products. Ready database driven websites that are as easy as just clicking a button is an incredible tool. Enable the iPhone or iPad checkbox and build apps to offer site access. Customization of the files is possible with the text editor option and Model Baker can also integrate seamlessly the Ext JS framework within the project. This will surely add a level of enhancement to the web application.
At a more basic level, Model Baker leverages the benefit of Cake PHP and some of the preferred practices such as the Model-View-Controller paradigm. It is a known fact that integrating entity models with the help of SQL within the MVC design is not an easy task and therefore it is important to incorporate different model types into the web forms when an order invoice or mailing address is being developed. ModelBaker also allows model relationships through the addition of simple or complex association rules. When users modify any particular web application is becomes convenient to even add validation rules in detail for each of the attributes.
iPhone and iPad developers recognize ModelBaker's additional features
Features that are remarkable in Model Baker include: 
  • Behaviors
  • Associations
  • Components
  • Helpers
  • Diagram Maker
Enjoy and work with Model Baker. IPhone developers will definitely benefit from this app maker.

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