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HTC Desire HD - Latest Flagship Smartphone To Use The Android OS

HTC is well known in the UK and around the world for making top quality mobile phone devices. Many of these gadgets have been built on the Android OS which was developed by Google. The latest and most in demand unit to be made by HTC is the Desire HD mobile phone. In this article, we will take a look at the HTC Desire HD and see what it has to offer in terms of key features and functionality.
The mobile we are looking at is the successor to the highly popular HTC Desire and was released at the same time as another handset - the Desire Z. Anyway, the main focus of this review is the HTC Desire HD mobile phone and what users who go for this handset can expect to have if they buy one.
This device looks great which is in part to the attractive, 4.3 inch SLCD display screen which is included with this specific unit. What's more it will arrive using a resolution of 480x800 pixels which means it is a very big display screen which will be very easy to view. This is important, as many smartphones do not have such a large screen and are difficult to view as a result.
This mobile phone also has a bright and clear display, that will also offer the user vivid colours, enabling you to take pleasure in HD films as well as media at their absolute best. Numerous smartphone models provide a wonderful list of characteristics and functions when it comes to software programs, nevertheless in the event that this hardware can not backed up this up then their is actually little point in having them.

However, it's not all about the hardware using the Desire HD, as the set of technical specifications are equally impressive and help to take this mobile phone to the very next level and sets it apart from other devices on the market at the moment. This top end, Android mobile phone comes with a 1GHz processor chip which makes it one of the most powerful and quickest on the market. The latest Android OS is also bundled and the popular HTC's Sense user interface will be their for people to use if they like. This mix offers an unequalled experience whenever applying the a large number of applications which is available from Android Marketplace.
This optical package on the HTC Desire HD phone is fantastic as well and won't keep customers wanting any longer. A great 8 mega-pixel camera boasting face tracking, geo-tagging, dual LED flash in addition 720p HD video clip recording. With the features and that massive HD display screen, the Desire HD will make the most special digital camera models redundant. The media player can handle Xvid flicks with SRS surround sound as well as storage which is expandable, to 32GB.
Your Desire HD incorporates HTC's new cloud-based service, HTCSense.com which offers a really special and ground breaking service for the owners of this product. The unit can be copied over the web this means it can be remotely closed as well as blanked if it gets stolen or lost. If you fail to find your phone, HTCSense.com permits you to see it on the map and you may make it call at the loudest level, even in silent mode.
Overall, this is a very impressive mobile phone which will be a good choice for fans of Android, fans of HTC mobile phones and gadget lovers.
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