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the new iphone

The company which taught the world the concept of the touch phone is here again with a some new and amazing features with its iPhone 4S. With the tag of Apple and the list of the outstanding qualities, it is easily the talk of the town with tech lovers vying for it everywhere. You have to be acquainted with its features to know why everyone wants this smart phone. They are described below.
Coming from Apple Inc and Steve Jobs, the iPhone 4S was released to the world in October 2011. It is different from the main 4 series which was also released by the company in 2011. In fact, the 4S is an improvement over the original 4 series, and has features that are sure to wow you.

The features are the main attraction of this phone. Gadget lovers or possessors of the original 4 series phone won't get the same adrenaline rush as those that have never owned an iPhone because both the phones have many features which have been kept similar. Do not expect different colors with this phone as it is only available in two shades of white and black. Launched at an affordable price of $199 for the 16 GB capacity, you can also get the 32 GB one for $299 and the 64 GB one for $399. The look is good at 4.5 inches long, 2.31 inches wide, 0.37 inches deep and 4.9 ounces in weight. Just name the features like Blue tooth, Wireless, Digital Compass, GPS and GLONASS and you have them in your new iPHone 4S. If you want the highest resolution phone, then this model has a retina display. Not just that, your phone is also your iPod and your iTunes because these two features are in built in the 4S system. You will also get access to the largest number of mobile applications through your smart phone.
No matter what your language is, you are sure to find many that you know because the system supports a lot of them. With a screen width of 3.5 inches, this touch phone has multiple touch features. It also has an amazing camera of 8 Mega Pixels and a light emitting diode or LED flash. The camera and the flash come with the ability to focus automatically and even use face detection in still photographs. Not just that you can even geotag photos and videos. And the newest and best feature is that the phone can work according to the commands given by your voice. So, if you want to store a number or note a date, a voice command to the phone is just enough. Also, you will never complain about the memory space for your contact details because it is almost infinite. The battery life is also expected to be double its usual life. With these important and several other minor features, this is surely a star phone.
There is no doubt that the iPhone 4S is a very nice smart phone but it does not have too many more features than the original iPhone 4 8GB model in all honesty.

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