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Android 2.2 Froyo Adds Powerful and Exciting New Features to Mobile Handsets

Android Platform 2.2, code-named Froyo, is adding new features that can turn Smart Phones into WiFi hotspots. This is obviously one amazingly attractive feature to Android users.
"Now that the Android device can be a portable hotspot and serve the needs of other devices, like an iPad, with the bill remaining the same it will have way more demand.
This ability is not really a new thing for a Smart Phone. Previous smartphonesGarmin Asus M10 is also equipped with similar features. Windows Mobile latest version 6.5.3, Garmin Asus M10 is designed to be used as navigational tools as well as a WiFi hotspot.
As a successor to the Android 2.1 Eclaire, Froyo is able to deliver new features and significant improvements in terms of performance, its platform also includes one of the most mature and advanced in the industry.
Business Features
Android 2.2 comes with Exchange capabilities, such as auto-discovery accounts and calendar sync. Google also frees developers to manage security systems such as remote wipe, password minimum, and lockscreen time out.
Browser's performance improved
With the v8 javascript engine that already exists in Google Chrome, Android's browser is now also increased 2-3 times the speed of previous versions.

Additional APIs
Froyo Android allows users to backup data, making it easy to use when reinstalling. Android cloud provides ease of messaging devices to send data from PC to mobile phone, or sync the two devices. Another addition, with this latest version, now Android developers can choose data storage, whether on the internal memory or SD card.
Android Market Report Errors Easily
Devices equipped with Froyo are currently equipped with "Android Application Error Reports" in an effort to collect reports from users if there are applications that are not working or performing properly.
In addition to these five improvements, Froyo also supports new features such as full Flash support on the browser.
• Browser 2x to 3x faster with java script rendering engine v8
• Maps application is faster
• Display 3D graphics smoother and faster
• Memory management is more efficient
Internet connection via a broadband cellular network can be shared to other devices via WiFi networks.
This is a very practical device because it can go where you go easily and bring all of your other devices together to perform at the highest level of efficiency to make you even more successful.
With the addition of new equipment The Android 2.2 (Froyo) is superior to the previous version.
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