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The Battle for Supreme Mobile Gaming
A lot of rumors about the iPhone 5 being an extreme gaming console are rumbling around the internet. As this thing goes, a lot of tech geeks are saying that if this is true, then Apple might be planning to engage in a battle against what is considered the "PlayStation Phone" - the Sony Xperia Play.
The rumors about this supposed "battle for mobile gaming" were born out of the leaked information that Apple will install their best (as of the moment) processor and OS on the iPhone 5.
The iPhone 5, or sometimes they call it the iPhone 4S, has been revealed to have the powerful A5 chip that is best for gaming performances ever tested.
Though these rumors are still hearsay, and Apple have been quiet about their next generation iPhone, rage among Xperia and iPhone users are prevalent all over the internet.
Reports included that the iPhone 5 is the sole device that can match the gaming experience that the Xperia can give if it can provide better gaming heights to its users.
As Xperia Play is a premier gaming and mobile console that can still be accepted as the best mobile phone for gaming, the iPhone 5 might stand a chance or even surpass it if it has the physical buttons for tactile feedback.
The Xperia Play has these things, but as far as the iPhone as concerned, they only have touch-sensitive screens to use for playing. So considering that touching the screen most of the time obscures game elements, the iPhone 5 might still be under Xperia play when it comes to better gaming even with the A5 chip.
Gaming and tech gurus are now waiting for the iPhone 5 to be released so they can test and proclaim the winner of this battle. Without having to test each possible game, they can never give out an accurate result for this battle for supreme mobile gaming.

So if you are a gamer and you would also want to check the results yourself, and it's just too lucky that you have an outmoded iPhone, ditch the dreary stuff and go for something thrilling! Selling your iPhone will give you the chance to buy that iPhone 5 or the Xperia Play.
How Selling your iPhone works.
Knowing the rules is important!
Much like understanding instructions before playing a game, you have to read the instructions if you plan on selling your iPhone. It is as simple as mastering the controls and functions of the analog and joysticks.
Research on "Cheats"
If you are indeed a gamer, then you know how to research on cheats! Actually, to read about the company you can rely on with the online selling is easier. Your skills about the ways of the internet are clearly an advantage when selling your iPhone. Being able to have that right refurbishment company you can use for selling your iPhone will just take you minutes.
Do not just be a player, BE THE GAME!
Selling your iPhone is the smartest move you will ever make if you want to boost your gaming and mobile experience. This can be a strategy game and you are the boss. Make those intelligent decisions for your interests.
Now that you have a company you can do business with, you have to play fair, just like when you play games. When selling your iPhone, be accurate about all the information you will provide. This will help make it a more easy process.
Also, prepare your mobile device by creating a backup and deleting all saved data. When selling your iPhone, consider it a serious game about your safety. Do not ever make the wrong decision by making yourself vulnerable to trouble. So read the following steps and guard up.
Here are two ways to back up files and delete items before selling your iPhone:
a. Sync to iTunes and click the Restore button. Once everything is deleted, your phone is ready for sale. At this moment, selling your iPhone can be done. Or;
b. Using the phone itself, remove all data by tapping your way following these directions: Settings>General>Restore.
Get all these things done so you can begin selling your iPhone to the company you are confident to deal with.
Experience the thrill and excitement of gaming in the palm of your hand by selling your iPhone. Take your pick between Xperia Play or the iPhone 5! Game Start!

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