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iphone 5

The whole world is eagerly waiting for the release of the 5th generation of iPhone with all the speculations and anticipation spread over the internet. It was rumored that the iPhone 5 was supposed to be released on 4th October 2011. But that didn't happen. Apple launched a new phone with the name iPhone 4S. This is the upgraded model of the iPhone 4 and is faster and better that it's predecessors. It is definitely the most amazing phone yet, but that is so only till the iPhone 5 releases, which is supposed to break all the grounds.

People all around the world have been speculating a lot about the specifications and features of the iPhone 5. Going by the rumors, some of the its main features could be:
· iOS 5:Its user interface is based on the concept of direct manipulation and multi-touch gestures.
· iMessage: It is the software designed by Apple to compete with Blackberry Messenger. This would be for the Smartphone messaging services.
· iCloud: The new upgrade will automatically sync with iCloud which will allow the users to share photos, apps and other documents.
· A5 Processor: This 5th generation phone will be powered by an A5 Processor.
· 8mp Camera: The phone will feature a 8mp camera which will be able to capture 3D picture.
· Display and Resolution: The screen size could be 4 inches with higher screen resolution. The iPhone 5 is supposed to be slightly wider and thinner in compare to its predecessors.
· Other Features: The iPhone 5 will feature sim-less design with 2 to 3 internal antennas for CDMA and GSM compatibility.
The iPhone will feature the most high-end features available in the market which make it a "World Phone". Since the iPhone 4S has already been released, the iPhone won't release before 10-12 months from now and so at this point of time it would be too early to speculate the iPhone 5 price. It is expected the iPhone 5 price will be at an affordable cost and it is supposed to be around the same as iPhone 4S when it was launched.
According to the latest rumors people can expect the price of iPhone 5 to be around $300 for the entry-level model and around $495-$825 for high-end models. These are the best predictions so far, and it is anticipated that the prices of iPhone 5 are not going to be way too expensive like the previous versions of iPhone.
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