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new iphone rumors

The widely anticipated release of iPhone 5 did not happen on October 4th 2011. This came as a shock to many, even though we got iPhone 4S which has great new software plus improved hardware features. With the release of the 4S models rumors for the launching of the 5th generation smart phone began circulating once again.
All rumors suggest that iPhone 5 will be released in 2012. This speculation actually comes with a great degree of certainty. Previously, it was made clear that Apple was working on its 5th generation smart phone. However, for some reason, they are said to have postponed it.

In fact, there are different rumors regarding the reason why the company released the 4S model and not the much anticipated 5th generation device. The first one, which seems quite plausible, is that the engineers could not integrate successfully the 4G LTE chipsets into the thinner teardrop design that iPhone 5 is supposed to have. The company is waiting for new smaller chipsets with greater capabilities to be introduced so that the 5th generation can perform optimally while providing faster data transfer speed.
The second speculated reason behind the postponing of the iPhone 5 release is that Apple now has contracts with mobile telecom carriers. Some experts suggest that the company is waiting for the contracts to expire before it introduced its 5th generation smart phone. That way, they will have greater bargaining power when it comes to signing new contracts.
Even if just one of these speculated reasons is true, we can certainly expect the iPhone 5 release in 2012. The question is when this will happen exactly. It is highly unlikely that the company will release a new product in the first quarter of the year, especially given the fact that its predecessor hit the market the previous fall.
A lot of people bet on the second quarter of 2012. It is possible for the new device to get launched in summer 2012, if the rumors that the new 4G LTE chipsets will be produced quite soon are true. However, a new product launch in the middle of the summer is not traditional for Apple. The current trend is for its smart phones to be introduced one year apart. Besides, the summer is generally low season for tech gadget sales.
It seems that the most plausible launch time for iPhone 5 is the third quarter of 2012. It is highly likely for the 5th generation smart phone to hit the market this time next year.
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