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android vs iphone 3gs

Motorola has recently released a new phone called the Droid X (Extreme). It has recently received a lot of hype, especially for the fact that it allows you run multiple apps at once. But is this cell phone superior to the iPhone 3G, which has been one of the best selling smart phones since its release in '09? Let's find out.
Let's begin by examining the Droid X. It runs on Android 2.1 OS with latest MotoBlur extensions and will soon be updated to Android 2.2. Motorola Droid X has 1 GHz TI-OMAP 3630 processor which allows it to run multiple applications at the same time while performing all tasks twice as fast as its competitors. It also comes standard with 512Mb RAM and 8GB of memory and you can add up to 32GB of additional memory through the SD card slot (which is also the most out of any other phone). It also comes with one of the largest touch screens: 4.3" inches 854 X 480 resolution. This phone also has a very comfortable keyboard, which lets you type without lifting your fingers. It is also equipped with an 8MP camera which is better than anything that other phones have.

Now let's take a look at the iPhone 3G. It runs on the Apple's iOS, which has more apps for it at this point than the Android. It has the ARM Cortex A8 600 MHz processor which is very fast, although not quite as fast as the Droid's. It has a 3.15MP camera and, even though it's smaller than the Droid's, it has a better flash and the quality is really good. It also has a 3.5 inch TFT touch screen with 16 million colors and a 320 x 480 resolution, which is pretty nice.
Now let's look at some similarities. They both have Bluetooth connectivity. They are equipped with Wi-Fi which allows you to connect to the internet. Their browsers let you easily go on Facebook, Twitter and other websites. Both phones have no physical keyboard, but the on-screen keyboard that they have is pretty comfortable.
So which phone is better? Well, at this point, if I had the iPhone already, I would not trade the iPhone 3G for the Droid X because it is still pretty new and it has more apps than the Droid. However, if I was buying a new phone, I would definitely get the Droid X instead of the iPhone 3G because it has superior hardware and because it'll have as many, if not more, apps for it as the iPhone 3G in a short time. So in a battle of the Motorola Droid X vs. Apple iPhone 3G, I would say the Droid X takes home the trophy.
Alex Shtraykher is a Computer Science major. If you want to see a more comprehensive comparison of the iPhone and the Droid check out: iPhone vs. Droid X

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