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Watching Home Security Cameras From Android and iPhone PDA Phones

As home security camera systems become more popular in the US, many more customers every month are looking for ways to cover their home to provide security footage. There are many systems to choose from on the market with varying ranges of quality, ease of setup and especially remote viewing capabilities. One of the most popular features that customers ask for, is the ability to view their cameras over the internet from their PDA phones. While many systems have remote viewing capabilities over the internet, there are different varying degrees and features that go into remote viewing that are important to consider when selecting a system.
Some systems on the market currently charge monthly fees for remote viewing of cameras from your PC, iPhone, Android Phone or other PDA phones. You should not have to spend a monthly fee for the ability to monitor your system over the internet, because of the fact that any system that is connected to the internet uses your existing internet connection. Therefore, with most systems, you would simply need to use the included software to connect in and view streaming cameras from your home security DVR system. With most reputable systems, there are no monthly fees associated with regular use of your system.

When it comes to remote viewing of your home security camera system, there are really several different system types that generally offer varying levels of remote access from iPhones, Android Phones and other PDA phones. The first type of system is a Standalone DVR. The home security camera systems which employ a standalone DVR will deliver a basic remote viewing of your security cameras from your PDA phones. Standalone DVRs are a self-contained recording device that records from your security cameras and connects to the internet for remote viewing. These Standalone DVR recorders have a basic remote viewing option that will permit live viewing of your security cameras from the PDA phone devices that are supported by that DVR. Each DVR will have slightly different features and supported devices, as the software that is designed for each DVR will only work with that model DVR. However, in general, most standalone DVRs will only offer a live view (no playback capabilities) from the supported PDA phones.
The other available type of home security camera system is a PC based DVR system. This system consists of a DVR card and software that installs into a desktop style PC and provides recording from home security cameras onto the hard drive of the PC. These systems have a great deal better processing power than Standalone DVR systems, and as such can offer a greater deal of features and functions for remote viewing from iPhone, Android phones, BlackBerry phones and Windows Mobile PDA phones. Systems like our Alnet PC-Based DVR system offer a better quality and frame rate of remote viewing, because the PC has enough processing power to recompile the video for best transfer over the internet to your device, even if it has a slower internet connection. Also built into systems like the Alnet PC Based DVR system is capabilities for remotely playing back video right on your PDA phone as well as control of Digital Inputs and Outputs which can be connected to an alarm system, lighting control system, garage door or more. These systems require a Windows PC on-site to be used for recording, but deliver a higher level of remote viewing options from PDA phones over the internet.
When it comes to selecting a home security camera system, it is recommended that you check out the features and functionality of the system which you are considering in order to determine the level of remote viewing that is offered by the home security DVR that you will be employing. Selecting a DVR that does not have the features that you require can limit your abilities in the future, as DVRs can only operate with the software that was designed for that DVR. So select a system that will have the live and/or playback features that you desire to save the cost of replacing a DVR later.
Our H.264 Standalone DVR Systems offer great live remote viewing options from iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Mobile PDA phones with no monthly fees. However, for the power users who want more control and remote viewing from their PDA phones, our Alnet PC DVR Systems deliver enhanced remote viewing options from cell phones to provide smoother and higher quality video as well as playback and control of inputs and outputs right from your cell phone. At Platinum CCTV Surveillance Solutions, we have a full line of PC-Based and Standalone DVRs to suit the needs of any home security camera installation.

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