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android 2.1 vs iphone

Google these days is trying to enter in all markets. On the Android platform, Nexus One is their next product in the market. It appears that Nexus One has most of the features as are in the iPhone and is seen as the strongest competitor of the iPhone. The iPhone however, an Apple product, has already established its roots in the market. It is currently the favorite mobile phone for many. In this article I will compare certain features of both the phones.
Storage: iPhone comes in three different sizes i.e. 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. iPhone does not support external memory cards and have inbuilt memory only. Nexus one comes up with 4 GB memory card and support up to 32 GB. The internal disk is faster than external memory cards. iPhone have an edge here over nexus One.

Battery life: Google has worked hard for battery and that is the reason Nexus one has 7 hours of talk time where iPhone hardly provides 5 hrs of talk time. Nexus also give 250 hours of standby time.
Camera: Nexus one has 5 Megapixel camera which can be a reason for you to leave your digital camera at home. iPhone has 3.0 Megapixel camera. Both the phones support video recording and editing.
Applications: iPhone certainly has edge here as iPhone application market is very big. There are over one million iPhone applications. The android market is new as compared to iPhone and it has around 20,000 applications. Both the markets are growing and there are ample of applications for both the mobile phones.
Price: Apple iPhone costs $199 with contract and $599 without contract. Price of Nexus is $179 with contract and $529 without contract.
Operating system: iPhone has iPhone OS 3.1.2 and Nexus has Android 2.1 operating system. Both operating systems almost have same features and performance.
Features: iPhone has very serious constraint which is it does not support multitasking. Nexus support multitasking and you can run several applications simultaneously.
Weighing both the phones on multiple parameters one can say that Nexus one has more features than iPhone. In terms of dimensions and look, Nexus one is smaller in size and it is more stylish. The best thing is that Nexus one is cheap and it has brand name of Google. It is for sure that the phone will get the Google benefit and will win number of hearts. Still we cannot say iPhone will not be able to compete as it already has number of customers and there is pool of people who like apple's products. Apple will certainly try its best to compete in the market and provide various new features in the iPhone. Nexus one is still with beta testers and only time will tell how well it perform.
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