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Motorola's Latest Android Smartphone Has Been Confirmed As the Motorola Flipout

Motorola's latest Android Smartphone has been confirmed as the Motorola Flipout, the phone is a messaging based compact device with social network connections and wireless capabilities. The phone runs the Android 2.1 operating system and benefits from Motorola's very own user interface; the MotoBlur UI. There is a digital camera, FM radio and a complete e-mail service for the messaging crazed users out there!
The phones main design feature is the QWERTY keyboard which has been attached via a well built swivel hinge which allows the keyboard to "Flipout" from behind the 2.8 inch QVGA display, the main display is touch responsive and capacitive which allows for multi-touch; it handles basic commands very comfortably and it is very bright. The Flipout comes in an assortment of colours so it will appeal to most.
The MotoBlur overlay has been upgraded from previous models; the first improvement has been made in the Happenings widget, rather than just receiving a stream of updates from all of your friends across all of your networks you can filter the stream to show certain people or just updates from certain sites. Compatible sites include Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and Twitter and the Flipout enables full management of your personal pages and blogs for as long as you maintain your 3G connection.
The phones Wi Fi connection supports the smartphones web browser; it uses the Android WebKit browser with Flash capabilities, the browser interface is intuitive and easy to use, here is a Google search engine for refine searches and the capacitive touch screen enables you to whip along through pages as freely as you like.
The Flipout as a 3.1 mega pixel camera attached to the back of the keyboard, the camera manages all of your day-to-day snaps without issue the video recorder shoots your mini films up to 30 frames per second. Photo's can be shared be shared with your contacts on Facebook and MySpace so those special moments you captured can be viewed by everyone in your social network of friends.

A pre-loaded music player delivers your mp3's through both its speakers and your headphones via its 3.5mm jack, the interface is usable and the sound quality is of a reasonable standard. Along with its USB port for PC link-up you get enhanced Bluetooth technology; this mans you can connect to other phones and compatible devices for wireless functionality and file transfers to and from friends.
A 2GB microSD card comes as standard in the package but this an be replaced with bigger cards up to 32GB allowing extra storage space for your tunes, pictures and videos. As mentioned there is an in-built FM Radio receiver so you can listen to your favourite radio shows and with the Android OS you get a nice little Google Package which includes Google Maps, Street View and Google Latitude which will work in collaboration with the assisted-GPS for premium location services.
Motorola have created a very usable, very unique device in the Flipout, Motorola team up a capacitive touch screen with a full QWERTY keyboard, the advanced Android OS works wonders behind the clever MotoBlur overlay and the social network and Google services supplied by the pair make for much better usability. The Motorola Flipout combines good messaging support with quality Smartphone features for a superior user experience!
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