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iphone 5 release date

"Historically the only time they've done this was for an iPhone release," reads that email. "So we're looking at the last two weeks of September." "I don't know why AT&T's calling for all hands on deck those weeks, but it's not for an iPhone launch," one source said.
Apple hasn't commented on when it will release a new iPhone model, or what features it will include. For now, the September - and now October - launch reports should be treated as rumors.
The iPhone 5 allegedly entered the final stage of its design phase a couple of months ago, and recently entered production phase. The device will come pre-loaded with iOS 5, and should offer a slew of improvements, such as a vastly improved notifications system, Twitter integration, better Safari and Mail apps, the new iMessage service, iCloud integration, improved multitasking, and better overall responsiveness.
According to an apparent leak from a Best Buy employee, the retailer is going to install some Apple-related fixtures at 6am in the morning of October 21. Earlier rumors mentioned that the next iPhone would launch on October 9 in New Zealand, so take all of this with a grain of salt, but historically, Apple has launched new products in that timeframe.
We have a tip given to 9to5Mac, which shows that Apple has begun to train retail store employees about iCloud and iOS 5. In general, Apple releases its new version of iOS around the same time as its next-generation iPhone. So, the thinking goes, if Apple is training employees on iOS 5, then iPhone 5 is right around the corner. Also, we have news from Bloomberg that German wireless giant Deutsche Telekom has already begun taking pre-orders for the iPhone 5, even though the company has no (public) knowledge of what the handset will be. Customers who "expressly request the successor model to the iPhone 4″ will be given a coupon for the upcoming - but still unconfirmed - device.
iPhone 5 manufacturing has begun in Asia amid burning questions regarding the makeup of the long sought next generation Apple smartphone. The new iPhone's screen size, after remaining intact for four years, faces scrutiny. The rise of 4G LTE networks has Apple facing pressure from partners including AT&T and Verizon. The iPhone's trademark curves, which all but exited in the fourth generation iPhone era in favor of a boxy iPhone 4, are in demand for a return engagement from a number of users.
Screen: The 3.5 inch screen found on the first four iPhones has sharply increased in pixel density and quality over the years, but its physical dimensions have remained the same. This comes as competing Android based phones offer screens which are as large as four inches but offer lower quality resolution.
LTE: Verizon and AT&T have bet their near term futures on the rise of 4G LTE networks, which Verizon is still getting around to building and AT&T is still getting around to imagining. Apple's argument against employing LTE in the iPhone 4 is that almost no one would have been able to use it anyway. A year-plus later, a higher percentage of customers live in areas in which a 4G LTE signal is available, placing Apple on the spot when it comes to including it in the iPhone 5 or not.
Curvaceousness: When the iPhone 4 prototype leaked out early last year, many dismissed it as being an obvious fake because it was "too ugly" to be an Apple product. That was a bad sign for the product, whose boxy design suggested Apple was attempting to court the kind of tech geeks who had their other eye focused on competing Android phones. A year later, the geeks have fled for Android, while the mainstream has increasingly made it clear that they want an iPhone (they just want it to come to their preferred carrier).

Here are the reasons why iPhone 5 will be the best selling smartphone:
Marketing: Marketing is very important in building customer relationships as well as creating product awareness. This is one of Apple's many strongholds. The company, as soon as it announces about the launch of a new device, it takes to the airwaves describing the device and showcasing the finer points. As the customers get excited, the product becomes an instant hit. The iPhone 5 will enjoy the same advantage.
Device Specifications: iPhone 4, previously, enjoyed immense popularity among customers although there were other smartphones in the market which came up with better specifications showing better processor, RAM and battery than iPhone 4. The rumors that are circling the iPhone 5 suggest a 1.2 GHz dual core processor, an 8 MP dual-LED rear camera, a possible 1 GB RAM (Apple is known to upgrade its device's RAM with every release) and improved battery life.
Brand Name: Apple has considerably become a brand which creates trust and an emotional attachment. This attachment then causes the consumers to decide about the product. Lately, Apple has also become the world's most valuable brand according to a study published by global research agency Millward Brown.
Operating System: Lately, iOS 5.0 and its features were announced on June 6 at the WWDC 2011 keynote address. The new operating system comes with iCloud service and the Notification Center, as well as improvements to native apps such as Camera. Moreover, the new operating system has more than 200 new features. In fact, the operating system of Apple is a mobile operating system that was already years ahead of anything else before Android could even make its move.
Design: When it comes to the iPhone, Apple has always updated the design of their smartphone each year. Designers Michal Bonikowski and Antoine Brieux have played it safe with the design of the new iPhone. iPhone 4 and Apple's original iPad looks very similar in terms of design.
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