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android os

Cellular phone developers for all of the major networks have started using the Android OS for their phones. You've probably read the articles that say the "Google phones" are highly competitive against the other smart phones out there. It is definitely true that the Google phones are getting to be more popular every day. This is probably because the phones that are now being released are being modeled after already existing and popular smart phones. Google has paid attention to what the people want and it is doing its best to give it to them. Here are some fun facts about phones that run the Android OS that you might not already know.

Did you already know that the people who use Android OS phones are less likely to buy apps for their phone than iPhone users? A recent study shows that about fifty percent of all iPhone users will happily pay for applications they cannot find for free. The same study shows that only about twenty percent of Android phone users will pay for applications. While this will probably change some when the paid application section of the Android market gets bigger, for now, iPhone users are less financially responsible than Android users. It might seem overly competitive to brag about this, but Android users don't mind.

Phones using the Android OS are starting to outsell iPhones. There are six states in which Android phones are widely outselling iPhones. The only problem with this study is that the states with higher Android sales are more rural and are likely to not have very good AT&T coverage. The iPhone is currently only available through AT&T so that might have something to do with the numbers. If AT&T loses their exclusive iPhone contract, the numbers might change and the study will have to be repeated.

Some studies have shown that, especially with Android phones, men use them more often than women. Across the board men are more likely to use a smart phone than women (the study does not say why this is). The study does how that the gap is smaller where the iPhone is concerned. Only a little bit more than half of the users of iPhones are men. With the Android phone, on the other hand, almost seventy five percent of the users are male. We don't know why this is true. Maybe this is because men seem to be a lot more likely to run out and buy new technology? There is no definitive reason for the study numbers to be what they are.

There are so many facts and rumors surrounding Google phones. The fact is that Google phones-phones that run the Android OS-are becoming more prevalent across the cellular market. Cellular phone developers like HTC, Motorola and Samsung are all implementing the Android operating system. You'll be glad to know that buying a smart phone is now easier than it has ever been. The bad news is that, well, there doesn't really seem to be much bad news about smart phones at all does there?


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