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free iphone apps

Whether you are an executive in a big company or operate a small business, the ability to get things done in a timely manner can greatly impact company profits. Smartphone have become great tools for managing business related tasks, sharing data and organize files. iPhone users have many options to choose from with regards to business productivity. Here are a few free applications that any business owner or manager will find useful.
Evernote - This totally free service enables you to take notes which are saved on-line, capture pictures and company receipts, produce to-do lists to help keep track of one's duties, and record voice reminders. Every thing is searchable and synced across all of your computer systems and devices. Notes may be emailed or shared with colleagues across Facebook or Twitter.
Cisco WebEX Meeting Center - This app allows you to interactively join business meetings directly from your iPhone for free. With this app, you are not limited to just audio. You can schedule and start meetings on your own, view documents and share your screen with live annotations. The chat feature lets you talk to other meeting attendees either publicly or privately.
Square - Square app lets users accept credit card payments directly through their iPhone. It is designed to work with the services free card reader that attaches directly to your phone. To sign up for the service is also free and users are only charged a 2.75% fee for each transaction. There are no contracts or monthly fees. Money is transferred into your bank account the following day.
Expensify - This app makes it easy to track business expenses while on the go. It is designed for business people who travel often. It store digital receipts or can scan paper receipts with the phone camera. It will sync with bank accounts and credit cards to keep track of expenses by comparing the receipt data with the bank transaction. Users can also track mileage expenses. Reports are emailed in PDF format.
Dropbox - File sharing is definitely an essential component of every day work-related tasks. This free service permits customers to immediately share documents and pictures that may be accessed from anyplace. Sharing is as easy as dropping the file into a folder inside your Dropbox in your desktop. Files are immediately synced to your smartphone and stored in the cloud. It's also an excellent method to rapidly transfer files straight from your mobile phone to your pc without a wired connection.
Skype - Make free phone calls, video calls and instant messages with Skype. It is a great way to save on mobile phone minutes or text messaging. International calls are very inexpensive. The video call feature works with both front and rear cameras. It is a great service to use when traveling for business or want to have video conferencing with a client.
With the large number of business related apps available for the iPhone, it's easy to see how this device can be of great assistance in everyday business related tasks.
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