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New Google Android Projects Making Apps Easier To Manipulate

Android is a software stack created for and used by mobile devices. The software stack includes the operating system, key applications and middle-ware. In 2005 it was purchased by Google Inc., which consulted on and aided in its development and release. It maintains its status as one of the world's best-selling Smartphone platforms, as a major alternative to the iPhone. The Android SDK is the component that provides the libraries and tools that are necessary for development of applications that run on devices powered by Android
There are Google Android APIs and add-ons to extend the capabilities of Android SDK that will give the applications within your smart phone access to Google libraries. They allow you to use existing libraries such as Maps and other applications. Maps external library gives you the additional powerful mapping capabilities to your existing Android system.
Google has a whole line of applications that are now available for phones running the Android application. Some of the best and most convenient applications are now available and convenient for use. Quick search box is an application that allows you to search Google and your phone's apps and contacts. It can be activated either through voice prompts or through manual typing. The Gmail Google application allows the user to get their email instantaneously by using the push capability. You can also do a quick search at anytime for any email that you have saved on your account.
Other useful applications available for the Android through Google is Latitude which allows you to see the location of your friends on the map feature. Goggles is a cool application that allows the user to use pictures to search the web. Being an overall operating system, the Android also has the useful applications of Google maps, which allows the user to search for local businesses, drive with directions and get navigational directions so that you are never lost. Everyone's favorite You Tube is also available to keep you entertained with videos to upload to DVD's. Google Voice allows you to listen to your voicemail, call internationally for substantially lower rates than other venues and send free SMS to your contacts. One feature that is only available through the Android system is Buzz, which allows you to see what's going on around you and tags the posts according to your location.
Applications that are common to other smart phones are also available through Google Android. One is Google talk, which allows you to instantly message friends and family. Google Calendar is a calendar which gives you the capability to synch directly with your computer. Google Contacts is another and also synchronizes with your computer. Google finance gives you real-time quotes and news. Google Earth will allow you to explore the world from the convenience of your smart phone. Google Blogger allows you to publish and upload blog posts all from your phone and Google translate which allows you to translate text in more than 50 languages and speech in 15 languages.
Google Android is making your smart phone so much more than just a phone. This system is allowing you to do things on your phone that were once only possible on a computer. It is making the phone indispensable and giving some really amazing capabilities.

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