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Samsung Galaxy S Verses iPhone 3GS

During the international Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) conference last March 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada, J.K. Shin, president of Samsung Electronics revealed their newest mobile phone - the Samsung Galaxy S. The Galaxy S is the latest Android smartphone creation of Samsung Electronics.
When it was unveiled last month the Galaxy S was immediately compared to the Apple's iPhone 3GS. It may be due to the similarities in their appearance. Let's take a look at the two models and compare their features.
Their Appearance
The two models at a glance may have similarities in shape. The Galaxy S and the iPhone 3GS, both have contoured sides. The Galaxy S however, is wider, longer but slimmer than the iPhone 3GS. The dimensions of Galaxy S are 122.4 by 64.2 by 9.9 millimeters while the iPhone 3GS are 115.5 by 62.1 by 12.3 millimeters. Galaxy S is also considerably lighter than iPhone 3GS with weights of 118 grams and 135 grams, respectively. The casing of the two models both come in the classic black. Galaxy S also comes in gray while iPhone 3GS comes in white.
The iPhone 3GS uses a 3.5 inch thin-film transistor touch screen. A technology also used in flat screen displays while the Galaxy S comes with a 4.0 Super AMOLED touch screen. The Super AMOLED touch screen is a technology that puts touch screens to a higher level. In the Super AMOLED touch screen, the sensors are placed on the screen itself instead of placing it in a separate layer. This is the reason why Samsung has managed to slim down the Galaxy S. This also results in greater touch sensitivity and better image display.
Their Features
When it comes to the features, the Galaxy S and the iPhone have a lot of differences. First off is the memory, although the internal memory of the iPhone is larger compared to that of the Galaxy S's memory; the Galaxy S unlike the iPhone has microSD that can go as large as 32 GB.
Both models also have built in cameras that have autofocus. Galaxy S comes with a 5 megapixel camera with face and smile detection features while iPhone only has 3.15 megapixels. The Galaxy S provides users with entertainment with its built in stereo FM radio while iPhone is limited to downloadable music.
When it comes to connectivity, both models have 3G HSDPA and Wi-Fi that enables the mobile phones to connect to the internet. Both phones also have Bluetooth technology and microUSB for data transfers through wireless and cabled connections. The edge of Galaxy S over iPhone is probably due to its "Smart Life" feature. This feature allows users to personalize the information they receive from the internet such as news, weather reports and other location based information.
Their Price
There are no reports yet as to the cost of the Galaxy S but it is expected to be priced really high. It is possible that it may cost more than Apple's iPhone 3GS.

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