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Ways to Deal With an iPhone That Has a Broken Glass

If you are an iPhone owner, then you surely love your mobile because it has both impressive looks and features. What if your iPhone slips out of your hand and strikes a wall nearby and the impact is so strong that the glass of your iPhone cracks! Now the big question is what should be done? Yet the chances are that the LCD beneath the glass is still functioning in addition to its touch. Thus, you can continue using your iPhone as its working is as it was before. This idea would not be suited for most of the iPhone lovers because the style of the iPhone is gone and having it would not be fun anymore. There are also many other options. Let's go through them in this article.
If you are looking for the quickest solution to this problem, then just get inside an Apple store and come out with a new iPhone. Although this procedure may seem very simple, it is the costliest of all the ways to deal with the problem. There is another option of giving the iPhone for repair to Apple. This again is a costly option, but cheaper than the previous one. Even this requires that you to go to an Apple Store.
Buying a replacement glass screen is by far the cheapest option of having the problem solved. All you have to do is visit the eBay website and do a search regarding glass screen for iPhone. There you will find a number of companies that sell this product and you need to choose any one of them. While ordering, be sure that you order the glass screen for your iPhone version. Next, open a YouTube video which explains a do-it-yourself procedure of fixing an iPhone screen. This step actually involves a lot of careful electronics work and unless you are very good at it, you may not try it as you may end up having a completely damaged phone.
A simpler and more reliable process would be buying a screen assembly instead of the touchscreen glass alone. You can have this done in two ways which include a kit with LCD and another without LCD. This option is safe because it does not have anything to do with heat gun like in the one where you have to fix the touchscreen glass. As learning by watching is better than learning by reading, again look for how to repair an iPhone screen assembly on YouTube. By following the steps said one by one, you will get your old iPhone back in about 15 minutes only.
One final option, which is also cost effective, is to give your iPhone to a 3rd person for repairing. You can do a search in Craigslist and find a repair person who can help you in your area. In case you do not find a repair person in your city, you can do a Google search regarding iPhone mail repair. Send your damaged iPhone to a company offering the service and get it back completely repaired within a week.

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