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Why Owning An Android Tablet Is Beneficial

Tablet PCs are the newest arrival in the technology market, and Google's Android operating system has been a driving force in it. Most tablets in the tablet market are pre-installed with the Android operating system. There are multiple reasons as to why an Android tablet is beneficial and preferable to other tablets in the market; here are just a few main reasons:
1. The first reason why the Android OS is considered one of the top is because it is open source. This means that the software itself allows users to customize it and configure the software to work in a particular way that suits them. As long as the users download applications that are compatible with the Android system, everything should operate flawlessly.
2. The second aspect is probably one that is highly considered by people who buy the tablets which is the low price. Android tablets are inexpensive compared to other tablets such as Apple's iPad. There are lots of factors that go into the price, and one of them is the OS, and Androids is cheap, open, and easy to use. Android tablets aren't made for everyone, they are made for you.
3. The specs on Android tablets are very high. The memory on the tablet is expandable to 32 gigabytes even with an initial storage space of 8 gigabytes. Some of the other features include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, 3G capabilities, and GPS. These features are creating a standard for what sales in a market for tablets. These are included in all tablets.
4. Android Tablets are simple to sync. USB ports and micro SD chips allow Android to be synced and backed up easily with the use of any PC. It is easy to save pictures and videos or sync music and contacts with Android tablets. No other software is needed, just plug and play.
5. The tablets have a lot impressive capabilities. The tablets are made to recognize when a person is using an on-screen keyboard or a stylus. It is amazing how accurate and precise the calibration is on the tablet, it picks up your handwriting, making it almost identically to writing on a piece of paper. These tablets are easy to use for taking notes, typing blogs, and sending e-mails.
6. The tablet's adaptability is the final noteworthy aspect of the tablet. The tablets running on Android Operating Systems have many uses and can serve multiple purposes to one person. Students can use Android tablets for completing home work and reports, consumers can use the tablets to purchase goods and services, a writer can use it to write blogs and articles, and a business professional can use it to create presentations and sell products. Of course, one person can always use it for all the purposes, and that is what Android tablets worthy of a purchase.
These are a list of the top six aspects that are worth mentioning about the Android tablets, but certainly there are more than just six. The android developers are always finding ways to improve the software, which in turn improves their products altogether. They are becoming quicker, easier, and more flexible for the consumers to use. Increased Android development is the reason it remains one of the top competitors in both the tablet and mobile phone markets.

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