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help, using memory card.

When it comes to accessing files on a memory card, using a card reader is the quickest as well as most reliable way to gain access to all your personal files whether it be photo, video, music or any other type of media. Most laptops released on the market today come included with some sort of card reader as well as some desktop pc models also include this great feature.

Gone are the days when you needed to connect a usb cable to your device as well as install software just to get hold of your own files. On that note I have listed a short guide on how to use your memory card reader to copy data to and from your card. Follow each step carefully and you will find access to your memory card in no time.

Prepare your pc or laptop for transfer.
First thing I advice doing is preparing a folder on your computer that you will be using to transfer the data to. If using windows it is just a case of right clicking your mouse button on the desktop and selecting create a new folder. Simple as. Be sure to name the folder as to avoid confusion.
Inserting your memory card into the card reader.
If using a memory stick or standard sd memory card it is just a case of inserting the card into the appropriate slot. Remember that some memory sticks require a memory stick duo adapter to function in the card reader.
Pay attention to your computers screen.
If using windows a screen should pop up asking what you would like to do. In this case we are simply just transferring data from the memory card to the computer. Choose the option that states relates to copying pictures into a folder via the scanner and camera wizard.
Follow the instructions step by step.
There is not much to say at this part of the procedure just follow the on screen instructions making sure you choose the options you require. You will be asked to check the boxes of the photos you want copied and simply clicking the copy button to start the transfer. From there you will be asked what folder you would like the photos copied to so be sure to locate the folder you first created at the beginning of the guide. Once done the process will start immediately and be done ina very short amount of time.
Congratulations you have successfully transferred your photos from your memory card to your computer!
Pat yourself on the back, and go and show everyone your amazing new pc skills. You deserve it!
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