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Impressive Android Apps

Impressive yet little known Android Apps

The best part of having a smartphone is that you have access to thousands of apps that add individuality to your phone. You will have the same smartphone like others but your apps will make it unique & different from others. Here is the list of few very interesting, functional & little-known apps for Andorid phones.
1. Sensor Music Player
Sensor Apps
The Sensor music player is just what the name suggests – a sensor-based music player. I’m obviously not throwing any rocket-science at you when I say that the app makes full use of the proximity sensor and the accelerometer. This player basically allows you to skip tracks on your music playlist, without having to touch your phone. It also allows you to accomplish this in a number of ways, including “Flyer over”, “Pocket” and “Hammer” options. Fly over allows you to simply pass your hand over the sensors (distance should be than 5cm) either left or right to either get to the beginning of the track, or to skip it. The pocket option allows you to do the same, when your device is in a pocket; all you have to do is press the device (hard). The hammer option is the most entertaining; it basically allows you to skip tracks when your device is placed on a surface, by hammering on the surface. Of course, this is not the most civil way of skipping a track on your playlist, but it is nonetheless, very entertaining!
2. MX Video Player
Obviously most smartphones come with standard media players, but there are always times when you want to have more control – I know I do. I came across this app when my stock video player couldn’t play a Quick Time movie file that I had downloaded. I browsed through the “Play Shop” to find an app that would support the file format, or just convert it to a readable format. Like most people, I usually download apps, take them for a test-drive and delete them if I don’t like them. This one, obviously, stuck around. The best thing about this app is that it makes better use of my smartphone’s touch screen and gives me more control over the media content.
3. Skitch
Evernote comes up with the best apps; they are not only functional, but also fun. My personal favorite is their signature app Evernote, which is great for taking notes, complete with recorded sound and images. But since I’m covering some lesser-known ones this time, I thought I should shed some light on Skitch. It is one of the Staff Choice apps, and is quite fun to use. Skitch is basically a photo-editing app of sorts, which allows you to make illustrations on top of images, Google Maps and obviously on a blank pad. As an image editor, it is not like Pixiro-matic or Color Touch apps that run images through different filers. It just lets you make doodles on it, and even move arund the doodles. I love using Skith to make notes on Google Maps. The app allows you to zoom into the location of your choice, captures the screenshot and then you can get as creative as you want with it. The strokes you make turn out to be quite decent.
4. Gifinator
Gifinator is an app I came across when I was tempted to make a GIF file out of a bunch of images I found. I wanted to paste them together to play like a stop-motion clip, and for that purpose, Gifinator proved to be simple and efficient. The app is very basic, and gives you the option to either add a number of images from your phone memory, or take an image using the camera.
* All these apps are free to download & are tested by me for the purpose of this article.

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